Designing a Cozy modern home in Bangalore

interior design

Bangalore is one of those cities which have maintained its comfort atmosphere amidst the continuous din and bustle of daily life. Here you will find minimalism and elegance deep-rooted in modern homes. At CeeBee Design Studio, we believe in designing your home in a way which reflects your creative outlet.

Modern homes these days have an open minimalist design captured with various contrasts. We also have to take care of the fact that it does not conform to the traditional designs, but freely expresses the boldness of this nonconformist city.

The first thing you need to do when you want to redecorate your house is, take out all the unnecessary stuff which is not required. That will give you an ample amount of space for having various perspectives and redecoration ideas. It is not every day that one chooses to spin the entire look of their home. Since you are doing it, why not make it picture perfect. We always recommend choosing colors which pulsate with your personality. So that when you come back after a long day of work, your home is not just walls with colors but also an abode of comfort.

The combination of aesthetic and sentimental keepsakes is very important. It adds a personal touch to the environment. While designing a cozy space, people often tend to bring slices of their past in new homes.

With years of experience in designing homes, we always strike the proper balance between customization and authenticity. Both are an integral part of the home decor. We keep the client’s preferences and budgets in mind to give the most qualitative result that there is.

Some other crucial factors which play an essential role would be the following:

  • Deciding the Furniture
  • The cabinets and closets
  • Color of walls
  • Lighting
  • Spacing

Deciding the Furniture

An exuberant home needs the most chic yet extraordinary set of furniture. With so many latest designs and styles making their way in today’s catalogs we happily unburden you with that task. Our primary goal is to contrast the space of your home with appropriate furniture. We take care of all the minutest details adding soul to the living spaces. If you are someone who is fond of minimalist designs then do make sure to inculcate a couple of small plants and bohemian eclectics.

Cabinets and Closets

Striking the perfect balance between juxtaposition and eye-catching designs in every corner of home makes it look more approachable and cozier. This is where you can actually broaden the color palette too. Bangalore homes have forever been very apprehensive about this category. You have a chance to flaunt your creativity with some extraordinary elements too. Like, the shoe cabinet can have small showpieces or plants on top of them if you place them in the front corner of the living room. A little combination of DIY projects like baskets and wall paintings can also go a long way in making them look more homely. This applies to decorate the living space as well.

Color of walls

There can never be too much experimenting with colors. We have had clients who decided to paint all the four walls of their home with four different colors to make it look brighter. The wall colors play the most crucial role in giving the vibe of your home. We will coordinate with your taste and give you the most qualitative result that there is. When it comes to the wall colors, it must reflect a sense of your personality and aptitude. It goes without saying that we will be helping you every single step of the way.


While redecorating your home, it must be kept in mind whether rooms are receiving ample light or not. If they are not then ceiling lights can be installed. There are various other sources of lighting as well. The chandelier is one of the most classy and elegant options. Other than those the old school bulbs, tube lights, and fancy lamps are always there. To add a little spunk you can get the string of fairy lights and designed bulbs which add a whole another spark in the room.


There is never too much or too little space. A home of any size can be decorated to the best of its potential. We have years of experience and we know how to remodel homes regardless of their dimensions. However, while adding aesthetics and furniture one must keep in mind that the living areas and rooms do not become too crowded. Avoiding clutter is very important. The crux of a redecoration plan lies within this only.

Most modern homes in Bangalore have modular interiors. It gives a more elegant edge to your home. Keeping the space in mind, we design the aesthetics and functional spaces. Every individual has their own style and vision for their home decor. We coordinate and discuss the entire structure of design and decor with our clients. After getting thumbs up from our clients our work begins.


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