5 Bedroom redesign mistakes that you should avoid

Bedroom Redesign

The reason a lot of us tend to oversee the bedroom designs is that it not usually on public display. Although it is just a place to sleep, that comprise almost a third of our lifespan. It is the most intimate place where we chill and hang out to watch films. You will not want to be it just another room and mess it all up.

Bedroom redesigning mistakes are so common that people do not realize it more than half of the time. Therefore, we recommend you to leave the work to experts at CeeBee Design Studios. We are fully committed to giving your bedroom the best makeover that there is. Keeping the budget in mind the most qualitative results will be delivered to you with utmost perfection. The bedroom is unarguably the most enclosed and important place of your home.

Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes which must be avoided.

  • Wrong Rug Placement

If you do not have a rug then that will be the first step to start with. We do not want stained or dust covered sheets and pillows. There are so many different designs and textures of rugs available these days. Even with the most luxurious redesigning, I have seen people mess up the position of the rug. Try to keep it beside the corner of your lamp desk. It must be placed in a position which will be convenient for you when you get up in the morning. Choose a color which is appreciated with the floor designing.

  • Too Much Match-Making

Your bedroom is not a canvas for fancy dress competition. Therefore, everything does not have to match. A lot of families would buy all their furniture in a single set with the same designs and colors. That makes it look very juvenile. Unless your redecoration is for a five year old child, do not make this mistake. Good designing studios will always suggest you against buying those full bedroom sets. The home interior designers at CeeBee Design Studio would assemble a brand new fresh look for your bedroom. You have the option to have a new nightstand, lamp and balance the look as per your choice.

  • Excess Lighting

Adequacy is a very staunch factor when it comes to bedroom designs. Sufficient lighting is very important while designing a bedroom makeover. You will want to have enough source of light entering the room at all times. But do not overdo it. Some people place roof lights, bulbs, lamps, fairy lights and what not. That will only clog the natural lighting and make the room overcrowded. A place of relaxation should not be so jam-packed.

  • Placing Not-So-Comfortable Mattress

This is the worst mistake you can make. Getting the wrong mattress would not only disrupt your sleep but also give you additional spinal and back pains. Therefore, check the mattress before buying it.

  • Ignoring Accessories

Bedroom is the place where you start your day and where you go after a long day. Do not let go of all the accessories and additional items. It should not become a place to just sleep and wake up. Since it is a place you look forward to after the day ends, make sure you are feeling yourself there. Get help from CeeBee interior designers in Goa or anywhere else you want and we will remodel it to the best of our capabilities.


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