Some Inspiring interior design ideas for small living room

Living room design ideas

Do not let your small living room limit your creativity and style. Size should not contain your aesthetics and taste of decoration. So what if it cannot fit two big sofas; Here’s the professional interior design company in Bangalore can do all the tricks for you.

Here are some very handy and out-of-the-box tricks for your living room.

Illusion of colors

Painting your walls with a pale shade like white or cream and then pairing it with furniture of the same color can give the illusion of a larger space. It will make your living room look sufficient and complete within. You will be able to create the mismatch combination of expansive space for your living space.

To add zest to the pale color palette you can add texture designs to the walls. This will not only break the monochrome but also make the living space look more homely.

Sizeable furniture

When you are running on a limited area of square footage then the furniture must also be very restrictive to size. Get a cozy sofa with a small glass roundtable. You can pair these up with some minimalist plants. To have the correct aesthetic and designs you should consult the best interior designer in Bangalore.

CeeBee Design Studio

At CeeBee Design Studio can design and decorate an apartment or home of any size perfectly. CEE BEE always keep your budget in mind and derive the best results out of it.

Making a statement

A small space does not mean that you will not have a bold statement in your house. Instead of getting the space cluttered with random things why not put a few sizeable items which are notice worthy. You can get a medium-sized chandelier and candle stand on the side to give a room an organic structure.

Find the spotlight of your room and highlight that. Many small-sized rooms are often found with limited stylish furniture which is way better than any big room trying too hard.

Lighting situation

Have more windows in the living room through which light can enter. More lighting in the room creates the illusion of a larger space. Just think about it, any room would appear twice of its size if it has good natural sources of lighting coming in. A confined space with no windows would appear like a dark box.

If your living room is situated in a position where it is impossible to get natural lighting then let ceiling lights and chandeliers do the trick. You might want to get the help of some professionals from the very best studio of CeeBee Design. They will help you out perfectly.

Mirrors can come in handy

The case with mirrors is somewhat similar to that of lights. Ever wondered why such big mirrors are placed inside the lifts? It is because mirrors reflect light and make space appear bigger than they actually are. Had there been no mirrors in lifts then you would have been very claustrophobic for a lot of people.

If you do not want to put mirrors all upon your walls then use them inside the shelves you build. Keep the shelves of decent size and put mirror and glass interiors in them. This small trick is used even by most of the flat owners in small size flats.

Bumblebee Yellow walls

Yellow is one of the most peaceful and compact colors that there is. You can spark up any small living room area with bumblebee yellow walls. Paint all the walls with this same color and get very minimalist looking pale colored furniture to match the look. Do not go for a very bold or bling texture with these walls.

Keep the room’s direction opposite the door

Place your sofa, TV and all other furniture opposites to the front door. Try to draw the attention away from the main door. Facing the exit all the time makes the room look clumsy and very congested.

Tables with spacious legs

We have already discussed that one is not supposed to cram the living room with excess furniture. Therefore, try to get a table which is wide and has spacious legs. Make sure they have spread apart in good distance.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you decorate your pesky little living room a little bit better!


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