5 Bathroom ideas your kids would love

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Bathrooms are the most essential and default room in our homes. Although they are such a default space and common area; it is not always easy to tailor them. As parents you always want your kid to have the most vivid and exploratory imagination. So we build their minds with tales and colors on their walls. Why not take that extra step for their bathrooms as well.

You can consult our interior designers in Goa who will put their best efforts to design an excellent bathroom for your kid.

In this article, we have put down some of the best ideas which you will definitely fall in love with.

  • Solve the height issue

Children Bathroom
Source: Google

The primary difference which separates the kids’ bathrooms from adult bathrooms is the access to counters, towels and toilet seats and their heights. The children must be able to reach these places. Try placing the counter a little lower than what you usually would. Another very affordable solution is keeping small stools near the tub or in front of the wash basin. In this way, you do not have to build the basin down and they can reach it with the stool whenever they want. You can do the same with the towel stands as well.

  • Cute Soap dispenser

Cute Soap dispenser
Source: Google

A wall mounted soap dispenser will make your kid very happy. It can be put inside the frame of a cute penguin or some other cartoon character which they love. This will not only instill the good habit of teaching them to wash their hands but also promote hygiene. A soap dispenser when replaced with pumps or bottles reduces a lot of wastage of soaps and shampoos. It is practical for even the smallest of cuts or daily hand wash ritual.

  • Aqua/ Marine themed bathroom

Aqua/ Marine themed bathroom
Source: Google

Nemo or mermaid theme bathrooms are very common among the kids. With blue tiles, Nemo wallpapers, and some other marine aesthetics; a themed bathroom is very easy to decorate. At CeeBee Design Studio our interior designers in Goa would bring the sea life to your kid’s bathroom with the most appropriate budget. If your kid is not big on Nemo then Mermaid and Aquaman are some good options as well. Different tones of blue color have to be placed in good combinations. You also have to keep in mind that with kids subtlety is not a very strong suite. It is ok to go a little over the board.

  • Organizational skills are very important

Source: Google

If you have more than one kid then there would always be a fight for more space and more things. To break that everyday hustle you can give separate organized space for everyone’s items. Use mason jars to create brush stands where each child can keep their brush, tongue cleaner, and other items. Each child can have their own separate storage, separate towels, and a separate sink area. Boundaries will be clear and there’s no daily fight over who should get what. Some people also place a separate mirror for each kid placed at appropriate heights.

  • Shower curtains

Kids Bathroom shower
Source: Google

Children have the tendency to keep looking for extraordinary corners in their home. The same goes for your bathroom decoration. You can use cartoon themed shower curtains in the shower or next to the tub. Some of the most loved designs are that of Hello Kitty, Superhero theme design, Nemo, Rainbow colors, Dragons and dinosaurs and etc. You can talk to your kid and ask them what they are the craziest about.

At CeeBee Design Studio we are very excited about helping you out to get the most awesome designs for your kid’s bathroom. Contact us +91 7477722403 for any assistance and we will be happy to help you.


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