Some Inspiring ideas to upgrade your master bedroom

Bored with your master bedroom’s regular style? Your bedroom is the most intimate and coziest place in your home. You will definitely always want it to look aesthetic to your style and comfortable too. Especially when it’s a master bedroom your focus would be to take into consideration every single aspect of it. Right from the color, furniture, bedding style, closet, and so many other things need to be taken care of. CeeBee Design Studios is an interior design Company in Hyderabad which will take care of your bedroom decoration with class and perfection.

Your bedroom is like the sanctuary where you spend the most quality time of your lives. Whether your style is formal or cheerful– the decoration of your bedroom must be something which makes you feel the bets about yourself any given day.

CeeBee Design Studio Bed Room Design
Source: CeeBee Design Studio

Below we are presenting some very inspiring ideas which will upgrade your bedroom decoration with efficiency.

Let’s get started!

  • Exquisite wall arts

Wall Painting
Source: Google

It will blow your mind how extraordinary your lamp and nightstand would look with a classic painting hanging behind it. Wall arts are something which people only consider their living rooms and hallways. But putting one big piece of art behind the bed or side nightstand would change the entire look of it. All of a sudden there is vintage and yet contemporary feel to your plain walls. Modern arts are some of the best moods up lifters after a long and tiring day.

  • Focus towards lighting and accessories

Home Interior Design
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The apex of an upgrade mission should be to improve the source of lighting. Install more windows to get an abundance of natural lighting. Without sufficient lighting, even your master bedroom can shrink to a raisin quality. If the direction of the house is not very favorable to lighting then install roof lights and lamps. Get some funky night bulbs. These days’ multi-color night bulbs are very much in fashion.

Get a chandelier centered in the room. The lights and accessory installation would give a more airy vibe to the room’s look. You can get small lamps and some square roof lights to accompany the look altogether. Lamps which can contrast with the chandelier give a unique look to the room. These are some of the things which one should leave to the experts of interior designing. You can blindly trust our interior designers in Hyderabad for this task.

  • Heavy Fur Blankets

Source: Google

Nothing beats the comfort of a soft sleeping bed. Fur designed blankets are a pleasant treat to your body and to your eyes. If you are someone who stands against animal cruelty then there are tons of brands which manufacture blankets which feel the same as animal fur but are completely vegan. You do not need to worry about finding stuff when CeeBee Design professionals are doing the work. You can just give an idea of what you want and CeeBee Design will do the work for you. It will give your bedroom a great luxurious look with the utmost sophistication.

  • Bed canopy installation

A little dreamy and intoxicating aroma looks absolutely magical in a master bedroom. Bed canopies are very elegant. You can install light colored (preferably white) curtains with net-like structure. These can be combined with rods on all four sides. This design is unpopular but if you are someone who craves elegance then it is the best design element that there is. To give it a more custom tangent you will need to install some sequential art on the walls or maybe fairy lights.

  • Give small personal notes to the room

While decorating a master bedroom we tend to lean so much towards what looks good technically that the personal touch is lost. Add small items and color schemes which appreciate your personal mood. Keep small show pieces and wall arts which are personal and dear to you. Hang a family photo or the picture of your favorite pet. The choice is yours. Place a small desk with your favorite books, some old notebooks and etc.

You can also add some vintage artifacts which are dear to your heart. Do not forget that you are decorating the bedroom for yourself and your family. Nothing else should be your priority other than that.

  • Innovate with the blinds

You can do a lot of things with the blinds of the windows. Do not think of them as something to just cover up your windows. Select blinds which will complement and match the color of the walls. Then you can go for blinds which are thinner in density if you like some peeking light in the morning. And if you are of either preference then get thicker blinds.


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