How to maximize the space of your small Living Room?

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Source: CEEBEE Design

If you do not have the area for a giant sofa or large gaming console then you are not the only one. Urban life has shrunken the size of our homes to a bare minimum. But that does not mean that we cannot decorate it to the best of our potentials. The living room is the primary point of focus in every home. It is what strikes people’s attention first and foremost. You will be amazed to find out that one does not need a lot of room to decorate but just a hint of creativity.

For professional opinions, you should consult a good home interior designer who would help you navigate some of the best ideas. Let’s take a look and learn some of the major things which one needs to know in order to maximize the space of the living room.

Maximum utility of light

Take all the advantage that you can of the lighting sources. Sufficient lighting into the room makes it appear larger than it actually is. If your living area does not receive enough natural lighting then try adding artificial lighting accessories. Tube lights, additional bulbs, chandeliers, ceiling lights, fairy lights, minimalist lamps and etc; these are some of the items you can try to implement. Increasing the brightness of the room would make it appear more vacant and give it a larger spectrum of visibility to people.

To complement that the bets you should have walls with pale or neutral colors. When white light would bounce upon it; that will give the illusion of your living area being bigger than it really is.

Level down the furniture

The inhabitants of smaller apartments need to select furniture with careful analysis. Assistance from an expert interior designer would be very helpful in this department. Since your living space is very restricted you should get furniture with smaller legs and a suitable width. In narrow spaces, every single piece of furniture accounts for great visualization. Try getting laid back club chairs and the coziest sofa you can find. With sofas, you do not necessarily have to get a big one but a cozy one.

As long as it can seat a couple of people and not grab all the necessary walking space you are doing great. You will not want the area to get cramped up. When it comes to the center table you can go for a small round or oval shaped tripod legged tables. They fit perfectly in that scenario.

Trunk as a table

Time to curate aesthetics with utility. Small trunks can be excellent surfaces for side tables, coffee tables, showpiece and photo frame keeper and etc. You can put a bed sheet or pretty cloth to cover it and use the surface in your living area corner as it pleases the entire look. You can stuff the trunk with of season clothes, sports equipment, crockery, and other essentials.

Put the TV on the wall

Source: Google

Mounting the television on the wall will save you the useful floor area. The TV and other media items take up a lot of unnecessary floor space which is otherwise very useful. Regaining the floor space would give the room more room to walk and sit in. These are very small things which people miss upon while decorating their living area. All the area which your TV stands or TV table would have taken is not free for people to walk.

Swap the dining area within

Now if your home is too small to have a separate dining area why not put it in the living space itself. Take small tables and chairs; the ones which will not crowd the living area and you can dine there itself. Adjust the other accessories accordingly. Keep it small so as that it does not stick out or look odd. It will appear as if it is a part of the living room itself.


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