5 things you must know before pursuing career in Interior Designing

interior design

If you are into interior designing and want to pursue a career in the same, there are some facts that you should be aware of.

Before taking that big leap that would set the path for your career, it’s better to know the current trends of the market.

Decoration VS Designing – Both Aren’t Same

interior design vs decorate
Source: Ellenschool

The first thing you should bear in mind is that interior designing is necessarily ‘designing’ and not ‘decoration’. Interior designing goes far and beyond the concept of ‘decoration’.

It’s not only about the colors of the curtains and arrangement of furniture in a room. If you are in good in selecting colors or do come up with some best fabric and furniture ideas, then that is all good. But it’s not enough.

This is why a formal academic background in interior designing is necessary. An interior design course in Kolkata provides all the important knowledge and training required for you to understand the intricate details of interior designing.

Only when your ‘decoration’ becomes a ‘design’, you know you are doing it right as an interior designer.

Understanding Clients, Their Culture and Preferences

Interior designing is not about what you want; it’s rather about what the clients want. Understanding your client’s tastes and preferences is very important in the field.

Culture also impacts the preferences of clients to a great extent. Knowing the culture, beliefs and preferences of your client is a must to stay in the business of interior designing.

The more they are satisfied, the more you will be content.

Starting Slow

In real, interior designers do start slow and don’t earn very well in beginning. But if you are good in the art and craft of your designing, you will soon find your footing in the business.

An interior designer may also start his own business with very less capital at his/her home only. They can also work at reduced rates, in the beginning, to earn experience and understand clients’ needs. It helps them later in their career.

Keeping that mind, one can also notice that the interior design courses fees are as affordable as possible. Unlike other expensive degrees, the course fee here can be earned back by designers within a brief period of time after starting their career.

Competition and Portfolio

There’s very high competition in the field of interior designing. The cut-throat competition isn’t very easy to beat. The ways to understand the competition and nurture your creativity more is by getting an academic degree in interior designing and also prepare an impressive portfolio.

An interior design course in Kolkata from iLEAD offers you both. Through there ‘earn while you learn’ technique of education, they provide ample opportunities for students to prepare an impressive portfolio. This portfolio later helps the students to find jobs or add up more to their client list.

The Need and Demand for Interior Designers

The realty sector is currently facing a boom stage. The year 2018 saw an increase of 40% sales in the real estate sector and consequently, interior designing too was projected to witness a growth of 20%.

Hence, the need for interior designers is very high in the market. With the right academic background and experience, jobs aren’t in scarcity.


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