Home Interior Design on a budget- Is it possible?

Everyone desires to have a home which aspires affluence. However, the scheme of monochromatic designs and ideas are taking over the city of Hyderabad. Everyone is replicating the similar home patterns and it looks overtly obvious. Living in a home which looks like expensive decor is not shooting for the stars. With the right interior designers in Hyderabad, you can easily achieve the same without much hassle.

Here are a couple of designs on budget ideas which will transform the look of your home altogether!

Let’s get started!


Wall Painting
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The most time-consuming decision before decorating a home is the color of the walls. Honestly, the perfect colors can make or break the entire look of the home. If you are going for a luxurious look then regal colors like gold, metallic blue or dapper orange are perfect. With the right colors, it will be possible to arrange furniture and other accessories accordingly.

Another trick is to paint the doors black or dark shades of brown. It gives more edge to the room’s finish. A more expensive vibe comes out with such a color combination. If you are not sure about black then try going for deeper and warmer undertones of other primary and secondary colors. After all the home interior design has so much to do with painting the doors and walls.

Hanging Plates

Artwork and designer frames can be a little too tight on the pocket. An easy alternative is hanging plates in the dining area. It is an excellent alternative of framed artwork and looks super aesthetic. It gives a classy and elegant look to your home. Use tiny hangers on the back of the plates and hook them to the nail. Many people often choose magnets to hang them. That is even cheaper.

Hanging plates is very uncommon. Guests won’t stop staring at your walls once you have finished doing this. Get all different sizes of plates to decorate. It might also look like Dolores Umbridge’s office in Harry Potter who had cat plates on her walls.

Bedazzle the kitchen cabinet

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In order to enhance the look paint the kitchen cabinets. Buy some cheap mug and spoon holders. This is an excellent way to show off cutlery on a budget. You do not need expensive instruments or accessories to really flaunt your kitchen. Cute salt and pepper holders on the kitchen slab can do the trick just fine.

Adding small wreaths during festival or holiday times can dazzle the spunky look of your kitchen even more. There is no hiding to that as well.

Tiny decoration pieces

Decorative Show Piece
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It honestly does not coast a lot to put up certain showpieces which are rare. Items like hourglasses, world map, globe, bobbleheads and etc are really cute and at the same time classic pieces of items which one can install in their homes to bedazzle the look even more. These can go in your living room. If you are trying not to splurge on a cabinet or guest room cupboard then use small slabs on the walls and place these items there. Then you can also keep some old trophies or souvenirs to make the home feel more organic.

Unique Lighting

Home Lighting
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Your lighting situation does not have to be extravagant but it sure as hell needs to be unique. If excellence is what you strive for then get unique lighting accessories like different shaped lamps, roof lightings and etc. Fairy lights are a good and cheap installation for a perfect aesthetic situation.

Interior designers can help you achieve the maximum benefit with less money in terms of lighting. Drum shades around chandeliers is also a budget-friendly idea to think over.


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