5 tips to decorate your bathroom

Decorating a bathroom and trying to squish all necessities inside it might feel like a jumbo crossword puzzle. Allowing space for shower, sink and buckets might cram the space and make your bathroom look more like a storage room. Well, we wouldn’t want that to happen now. You do not need to do a lot. Some key tips will pop up and snap the look of your bathroom in moments. Best Interior design company in Hyderabad will help you elevate the accent and sobriety of your bathroom in no time.

Bathrooms are small and present the perfect opportunity to go a little overboard and crazy with designs, wallpapers, storage solutions and etc.

Here are five quick and easy tips to decorate your bathroom and make it look awesome!

Let’s begin!

  • Install a shower curtain


Placing a shower curtain saves up the cost and space of the glass door. It is more feasible to use and easier to clean. To add a little spunk you can get colorful or designed curtains. They will zest up the feel of the bathroom. Shower curtains work as a divider or partition without much effort really. Interior designers in Hyderabad are really digging this trend and that is why you will find so many homes in Hyderabad with shower curtains. Bathing tubs don’t require a lot of space really. A 76-inch bathtub can fit in a relatively small area. Nothing can be better than a shower curtain to compliment that.

  • Unusual tiles and bright walls


The strategy to do the most in small areas is to go lively and shimmery over it. Get very bright and bold colored tiles as per your preferences for bathroom walls. You can do the same for the floor as well. Keep the color palette of the wall monochromatic. But that does not mean that you cannot go a little overboard. Any kind of cheeky or thematic print will be perfect for the tiles. These days, interior designers are really going for wall prints. You can choose nautical themed wallpapers, cartoon themed if your kids are really into them or etc. There are a bunch of options to select from. You do not have to necessarily step out of your comfort zone for that.

  • Clever storage assortment

bathroom design

You needn’t worry about managing the storage in small bathrooms anymore. Let us give you some really clever hacks. Use the mirror as a cabinet. Install a mirror which opens up to a cabinet. Then you can utilize the space on top this mirror-cabinet for other essentials. Buy double decked holders where you can keep toothbrush, floss and paste on the top and the bottom comes out as cabinets for small items. Not only will you be saving space but avoiding mess and clutter in the bathroom. Why not do as much as we can for less mess.

  • Marble magic for bigger space

bathroom design

If you can coordinate the entire look of the bathroom in one marble print then it will create the illusion of greater space. If you can afford marble tiles and texture paint then well and fine; if not then wallpapers and prints are always a good alternative. It will create a monotonous figure of the bathroom and make your bathroom look like an art installation. The illusion is perfectly aesthetic and larger than life to look at. Bathrooms need to look like a cozy retreat and a comfortable place.

  • Contemporary elegant decor


Simple and minimalist bathrooms are excellent for contemporary looks. You do not have to rip any boxes. Just go for plain colored walls and tiles and place little soap dispensers near the sink. Shelf all the toiletries and necessities at one place and deck them all. The bathroom mat needs to be close to the close to the color of the floor so that it blends in. The counter must be all empty and have the essentials like toothbrush holders and tissue box. A classic contemporary look gives a modern vibe to the bathroom.

Hopefully, this helped you!


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