Give That French Look To Your Bedroom

They say that anything about French style is too romantic, be it the place, the brands, the dresses or the designs. French designs have those small details that give a big impact. And what better place than a bedroom to give that French design. The bedroom designed in French styles is romantic, have that airy and open look and it’s definitely classy. If you want to give that French look to your bedroom you don’t have to hire some big interior decorator from France, instead, you can get that look on your own. What one needs to do is to add layers of different fabrics, Furniture’s that are vintage-looking and some minor touches to give that perfect look. The interior decorators at Cee Bee Design studio have a few ideas by which you can easily give that French look to your bedroom on your own.

Go light: What you need to always remember that French style is all about going with light colours. You don’t have to be too bright and add unnecessary colours to your room. You can always paint the walls with delicate cream or white to give that French look. The same goes for the colour of the bed. You should go for the same colours when it comes to your bed.  Not only the colour, but also the design of the bed should be a French style sleigh shaped bed that should be in the center of your bedroom.

Get artistic: You should always remember that France is also famous for its famous artists and their works. It’s true that not many can afford their works but you can always follow the French style in your own way. Always go for a painting and place it on the head of the bed or opposite it. Paintings define French style and their intellectualism. You can also select elegant people figuring’s for paintings.

Accessorize: One should definitely not forget to accessorize the bedroom by hanging a white and gold candlestick chandelier above the bed or going for brackets that give that heritage look. Also, place a vase with flowers beside your bed.

Go for antique stuffs: One should shop antique stuffs like white or cream-colored or soft rose painted wood furnishings that are rich in patina and gives the look of gracefully aged furniture. Go for chairs that have slightly ornate backs and curved legs. French style is all about elegance. Go for stylish candle stands and place them near our bed. Give that dramatic look that will add to the elegance.

The flowery look: French design mainly consists of natural pastels, such as garden-fresh pinks and greens. One should place floral artworks and floral designed curtains as well. The floral items define the French countryside. The cushions too can be floral textured if one wants.



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