What To Do With Your Basement?

We all think a basement is a place where we are supposed to dump all our useless stuff. With this idea, we often tend to waste the large space that we get in our basement. For those who live in flats having a basement is out of the question. They have storerooms. But for those who have their own houses or bungalows and have basements can very well utilize it by designing in the proper way. Basements can be a fun place to hang out if properly taken care. Basements can be multifunctional and can be used as a gym, game room, kids playroom, home office, store, pool table space, bar or even home theater. Cee Bee Design Studio, interior decorators suggest that it’s better to take the suggestion of an interior designer before you plan to transform the look of your basement as they can decide according to the space.

If you are a person who loves to watch a movie alone without much noise then you can definitely transform your basement into a home theater. It is the best place to watch any show or movie in a peaceful environment without any disturbance which you definitely don’t get in the living room. You can use the old sofa if you can’t afford to buy new ones and get your television in the basement. Place the television in such a way that it can be seen from all the corners. You can also use a projector if you don’t want to spend money on another television. Place the sofa in a round shape and keep cushions and blankets for your comfort. Decorate the floor with rugs and move all the useless stuff in one corner so that it can’t be seen. For the lightings, you can use dim ceiling lightings and floor lamps. Don’t use too many lights as you don’t want the place to be bright. Enjoy the movie in dim lights.

If you want to use the basement as your personal gym then you should definitely go for it. Keep all your workout equipment’s in the basement and workout as much as you want without anyone disturbing you. Install a nice music system and work out to your heart’s content. Remember if you are designing your basement for the gym the lighting should be proper as you don’t want to hurt anyone or get hurt. You also install an air conditioner or a cooler according to your preference.

Another idea that everybody in the family would love is to convert your basement into a gaming zone. Everybody loves to play indoor games. And with your guests in your house, you can easily take them there and play as much as you want. You can keep foosball, carom, pool, and many other games. You can also create a bar if you want just beside your gaming zone.

The last thing you could do with your basement is to utilize it for your office work. Most of the times we can’t do our office work properly in our home as there is too much disturbance. Use the basement for that. Place a desk with a comfortable chair and a table lamp. Don’t overcrowd that area as it should look spacious. Place a bookshelf where you can keep all your user files and books as well. If you want proper ventilation then you could install windows towards road/street side above ground up to slab level. The exhaust fan can also be used in the space between the ground and roof of the basement towards roadside.


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