5 Ideas To Upgrade Your Master Bedroom Of Hyderabad Home Over The Weekend

The plan to finally upgrade and redecorate your bedroom always keeps poking at the back of your mind. But then time constraints come and between and you leave that thought as it is. Let us help you get those ideas into actual planning. Here are a few ways how you can change the entirety of your master bedroom over the weekend.

Let’s save some time and get to work already!

Remove unnecessary furniture

To keep the master bedroom, keep looking like a master space; it needs to be not congested. If you have been feeling that lately the bedroom is looking stuffy and clogged up, it is probably because of the excess furniture. Once you successfully get rid of the extra furniture, the area will automatically start looking more open, spacious and homely.

Place a big rug on the bedroom floor

If there is an instruction to give to the interior design company in Hyderabad make it about the rug size. Ask them to bring a rug almost as big as the bed. Place it on the floor before moving the bed in. This is a majestic and bold move which will make even small rooms look like master bedrooms. A lot of interior designers in Hyderabad have been adopting this style because of its modern outlook.

The color of the rug needs to be a little matte and must not have any neon shades on it. After all, we want to make your bedroom look majestic and elegant and not a poufy show.

Get a chandelier

Small tweaks and strokes can go a long way to change the whole outlook of the bedroom. This is a style on a budget idea. You need to install a chandelier which golden or silver undertones to make space look more sophisticated. Chandeliers have a very classy look of it. When it comes to halls or dining spaces, people often go for colorful chandeliers but while redecorating the master bedroom we will suggest you choose more of a glazy tone with monochrome shade.

Get interior designers who can help you curate the entire look without any doubts and fallacies.

Bring some color accents to your furniture

Give your doors, drawers, and closets some color correction. Use floral, pattern, geometric and other accents to jazz up the look of the furniture you have at home. Pale colored furniture creates half the dullness on the room. It is your relaxation abode after all. This tweak is very easy and does not take up a lot of time. You just need to get new tapestries or art paper to complete this DIY. If DIY is not your forte then there are always professional interior designers in Hyderabad who are well equipped to take care of these issues very professionally.


Change the lighting scheme

Try moving the lamps, lighting accessories and other bigger items in separate directions. A lot of times a room looks small is because of the lack of lighting resources. See if the window positions are doing a good job bringing natural light or not. Having a proper lighting scheme is very important in order to make the master bedroom feel like a master area at all.


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