Is It Possible Decorating A House In Bangalore In A Small Budget?

You can call us extreme optimists but we strongly believe that budget is no issue if you want to decorate a good looking home. Creativity and innovation will take your decoration ideas a long way in creating the perfect interiors. Our interior designers in Bangalore have worked with very squeezing and tight budgets to give homes makeover. As a reputed interior design company in Bangalore, we have always worked towards giving the most authentic and chic look to our clients’ homes.

So tidy up the place and follow our steps to get the best interior design out of smaller budgets.

Painting contemporary colors on walls

Painting is a very cost effective solution when you are trying to upgrade the look of your home with a slim wallet. Even with a shoestring budget buying, two tubs of paint would suffice. All you need is a creative mind and a good designer. Trust the brand of paint your designers suggest. If it has good coverage then you might not even need the primer.

A lot of studio apartments and smaller flats do not waste money on an extra layer of primer when they can save up with decent painting quality. Instead of using single colors, try a contemporary mixture of accents on walls to get the chic look.

Otherwise to create more complex designs you can use stencils to outline some figures. This really needs no extra effort other than an hour. So many homeowners do their own stenciling and texture painting. It is the simplest DIY which can go a long way to evolve the vibe of your home altogether. Other than stenciling you can always go for sponging, dragging, stripes and so many more innovative ideas.

Stress upon smaller details

When we are working with a slimmer wallet and constrained budget focusing on small details is important. Making small changes in accessories, hardware, and even wall decor will run a long way to bear fruitful results. You can begin with organized cabinets. Having a not so fancy cabinet will not be an issue if it is well stocked and organized. Designing experts claim that a professionally organized drawer or cabinet makes it look more expensive than it really is.

Another interesting detail to focus upon is the faucet. Replace the old faucets with new shiny ones. It is cheap, easy to replace and very handy at the same time. Faucets cost in the ranges of 160 INR to 750 INR. Considering the level of change it will make to the view of the home, it is definitely worth the investment.

Clear out the excess furniture and accessories. A cluttered room is the last thing you want while decorating the home. Another very cheap hack is to change the lighting or maybe alter the lighting. Install brighter bulbs and tube lights. Get curtains which bring out more of natural lighting into the home. Then you can also rearrange the furniture in a manner where a greater amount of lighting enters the rooms.

Go for a minimalist style

The word says it all. Cultivate an idea which revolves around keeping minimalist things and accessories in the room. Minimalism is making the most out of less. You do not have to use a lot of accessories and furniture in order to get the perfect makeover. Make it a point to inculcate monochromatic designs associated with some plants.

These can be plastic pots and plants too. But plants are the most minimalist and exquisite thing you can possibly put in your home. A lot of designers also prefer adding small showpieces and artifacts to give a more subtle look to the home.

Reassessing the existing items

It does not take a penny to rethink about the things you already own. You do not have to necessarily buy a bunch of new things while decorating your space. You can very well just rearrange and the items you have in a more pleasant and sophisticated way. Elegance does not necessarily come with expensive things but more with the way it is stocked.

Reassess the things you own from before and try to work around that idea. You can very well work with what you have got.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings are very cost friendly. In most of the cases, you can DIY them. It does not take a lot of effort to DIY them or buy them local stores. Wall hangings give a class and more jeweled look to the walls. They can look pretty empty with just colored paints. Hang a couple of sassy wall hangings and transform the look of your home completely.


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