Give You Kid’s Room That Funky Look

This always happens that your kids especially those who are in their teens don’t usually agree with your choice of design in the house. They don’t prefer that elegant look mainly when it comes to their room. Kids usually prefer things that are bold and bright, things that match their thoughts and their imagination. So interior decorators often suggest people to always give the kids room a look that goes with their funky imagination. Interior designers at Cee Bee design studio always give a unique design to the kid’s room, while decorating a particular house so that the wishes of none of having a perfect house/room remains unfulfilled. There are a few ideas that you could use if you want to give that funky look to your kid’s room.

Do away with the old and useless stuff:

The first thing you need to do if you want to redecorate your kid’s room and give it a funky look is to do away with all the unnecessary kinds of stuff. Get rid of the old toys and clothes and gaming and types of furniture. Everything you feel is not anymore useful and is occupying unnecessary kinds of stuff.

Get the right furniture’s:

Choosing the right furniture for your kid is one heck of a task. Always select those furniture’s that have multiple drawers in them and the ones those have multiple functions. This would occupy less space and keep things organized just like the way you want. Try painting the wardrobes with a particular theme that your kid loves. This would add to the funky look to the room.

Go for bright colours:

The best idea to give your kid’s room a funky look is to go with bright colours. Try painting the walls with attractive colours or you can go for funky wallpapers on one side of the wall. Also, you can get the furniture’s that are bright. The theme that you choose for your kids’ furniture should be very bright and colorful.

Accessorize the room with funky kinds of stuff:

You can also display your kid’s artwork and flaunt their creativity on the walls. Get their paintings framed and place it on the wall. Also, you can create kinds of stuff on your own like an innovative lamp or you can also set a small tent house in their room. This gives the kids their personal space. Decorate the room with pictures of them growing up. Keep a bean bag that will make the room look cool, comfortable and very funky.


Lastly, lightings are a very important step in giving your kid’s room that funky look. What you can do is have two sources of lighting in the room. One source of lighting can come from the chandelier, or a floor lamp or simply a tube light. The second source should be the desk lamp so that your kids can work according to their mood. You can also get all the glittery lights or laser lights to add to that funkiness.


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