How To Design Kolkata Based Small Home?

Kolkata is the city where big dreams get the haven to survive. Although small in size it has great potential. Now if you happen to live in a small sized home then decoration can be one heck of a challenge. How to manage efficiency with aesthetics is the real question. Interior decorators in Kolkata have mastered the skills of using the maximum capabilities of these homes.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment; if you have the right skills then decorating it is not a task. Let us give you some expert tips which will work perfectly if you are struggling with designing a small Kolkata home.

Define the surrounding

Use bright and bold colors for the wall colors and accents. Defining the different corners of the home will not highlight the size or square space. To eliminate the space issue you need to make the most out of what you have. Do not let even a small corner go to waste. Use it to make a bold definition. Many top interior designer in Kolkata use geometric prints on the walls to make a statement. It is defining and cutting edge too.

Rather than using wooden center tables you can place glass center tables for better visual impact. Again, these are no hard and fast rules but when followed properly with interior decorators help; it can blossom great results.

Have an open layout

Change the layout of your living area and make it more inclusive. Switch the direction of the furniture and important accessories in the opposite direction. Keep it faced opposition from the front door. This gives the illusion of the home being more inclusive. Place your sofa against the longest wall. Then go ahead with the center table, shelf, shoe closet and etc.

Just managing the layout in an organized way will solve half your size problems. The small size of the home should not limit your imagination capabilities. Rather make it your inspiration to create more.

Under bed storage

With smaller apartment size is not an obstacle if you are smart about it. Use the under bed storage to maximize the holding capacity of stare items. You can put off-season clothing and other essentials there. Also, try buying abed which has box storage inside it. It is an excellent alternative for closet space saving too. There you can put off-season clothes, mattresses, bedsheets, and other essentials.

Make your bed a utility item. When this piece of furniture can take up so much space it is only fair for it to come into multiple uses.

Visually expanding the size

Well since you can do nothing about the square foot of the rooms, you can definitely create an illusion of the size being bigger. To do that use mirrors in numerous places. Fancy mirrors in the hall area and rooms will make the place look bigger than it already is. A lot of designers and homeowners swear by this technique. It is classy, chic and most importantly works.

Curtain divider

An elegant and pretty curtain is more than enough to divide a space and make it look exclusive. To insert a dramatic feel in the hall put up a silk curtain and divide the space into two halves. This will not only suffice for the area but also give a very vibrant look to the home decor.

This will separate the living area from the dining space very effortlessly.

Hopefully, these tips will help you decorate your small home better.


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