How to Get a Luxury Hotel Bathroom At Home?

Isn’t it the most amazing feeling to go to hotels and look at those lavish bathrooms and wish if they could be yours forever? What if we tell you that your guilty pleasure of reminiscing over luxury hotel bathrooms can come true? It is all about getting the best home designers who will foresee your vision and get you the bathroom of your choice. Oprah Winfrey once said in a talk show that she would not splurge on anything more than her bathtub and bathroom decor. Well, we can all feel that but not necessarily relate.

If you get the best interior designer then it is not such an expense to get the most awesome luxury bathroom. After all, we all want to have an amazing looking bathroom which makes us joyful from the inside. Now, in this article, we will tell you the things which you can do to your bathroom to get the luxurious feel.

Let’s begin!

Over the top decor

Get your bathroom to have a very posh decor. The vibe of elegance and poise will do half the work. It will already start giving you the luxury vibes. Put dim lights, glass doors, shower curtains with light colors and your bathroom is all set to be a 5-star hotel bathroom. Then having the bathtub filled with small sprinkled bubbles and some essence air fresheners will add to the vibe.

When you are going for the luxurious feel then going a little overboard will not do anything. You can also build a small towel holder for that extra jazz.

Bring some dispensers

Install a couple of soap dispensers in fancy holders to make the bathroom look like royalty. It will not burn a hole in your pocket and neither will it take any extra effort on your end. This is the simplest step to give your bathroom that extra push to live up its luxury style.

Splurge on the marbles

The only thing which differentiates a classy bathroom from a regular one is marbles. Instead of placing tiles get hold of some marbles for the walls and flooring. These can be white, black, beige or any other shade that you are fond of. The color would hardly matter when you are able to contrast it properly with the rest of the decor.

Get help from your home interior designer for further consultation and recommendations. They will be able to guide you the right way.

Look for a new tub

What is a cool bathroom without a cool bathtub! Invest in a classy and sophisticated bathtub for the new decor. Get shiny faucets which look equally elegant. Make sure that everything that you install in this bathroom is up to the point. Make it all look top notch.

Nothing is more deluxe than a classic tub in the bathroom. Get a large tub which has good capacity. Enjoy the lavishness of your 5-star bathrooms with the most absolutely gorgeous installations.

Dramatic mirror to reflect lighting

When it is about transforming the vibe in your luxury bathroom, installing good lights and lighting reflectors is everything. You can start by installing large dramatic framed mirrors surrounded by soft light bulbs. In this manner, you can really make the bathroom look a lot better than before. You’ll feel ultra glamorous whenever you get to enter in your old dramatic bathroom.

Diffuse essentials oils and candles

Once you are done with the decor and accessories, it is time to put your final touch to the glam. Diffuse scented essential oils and candles of your choice. Good smelling bathrooms can really set the mood and vibe for the luxury glam you were going for.


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