How to Design your Bangalore Villa within a Low Budget?

You have got the villa of your dreams with so much hard work and investment. It’s a great feeling call such a beautiful place at your home. Now what? You cannot call really call this villa your home until and unless the interior designing and decoration is completed. When it comes to your dream villa you want no compromises with the style, material, furniture or anything else.

Start with getting an interior design company in Bangalore that is well reputed and has had experience of renovating villas before.

Today we shall put together this set of ideas which will go a long way to give you that dream makeover. Consult an interior designer in Bangalore and select which one works the best for you.

Modern pastel theme

Home Design
Source: CEEBEE Design

Pastel colors have made a comeback in the interior design realm quite recently. It is a symbol of poise and elegance. Pastel colored themes reflect sophistication and class. Go for lavish furniture sets with tones of emerald, gold, magenta, pink with cool undertones for walls. For walls bring out colors like light lime, soft tone soft blue or very soft green.

You can complement that with the old school glass shelves, glass center table and sliding doors. To make the contemporary look suited to the ambiance do not get cupboards and closets with too many vibrant colors. Make them as neutral as possible. But for center table and dining tables, keep in mind to choose glass material tables. That looks very chic and complimenting with the pastel colors on the furniture and walls.

You do not have to get everything in the same color palette. A little mix and match are always appreciated. However, do not go too far with experimentation. After all, the modern pastel look has to be planned and executed very smartly. It is not something one should rush into. Get help from professional interior designers for optimum results. They will know how to guide you aptly.

The cuboid framework

Living Room design

The cuboid framework is perfect for villas which have some amount of greenery around it. It is basically creating a design structure where your home has a cube frame. That begins with getting furniture which has corners. The hall area or the entrance can be stacked up with a layout where one wall is kept free with just wall art or paintings. The rest sides are stacked up with square or rectangle-shaped bookshelves, cupboards or designed structures.

This might sound a little methodical but it really isn’t. If you have stairs then use the wall adjacent to that for hanging the wall art. As for the wall paintings, go for plain shades like vanilla or orange. No need to have spunk here. Then you can install a queen size bed adjacent to which there are table lamps and small decorative stands. A minimal size closet should also be there in the main bedrooms. There are no hard and fast rules while aspiring for the cuboid framework but it is definitely some amount of work that goes into.

Eclectic and cheerful

Bed Space

While there are so many various styles to hunt from, we always go back to our roots. Regardless of the outlook and skeletal structure of the villa, you can always use vibrant colors to fill up space. Using colors like red, purple, deep green, dark orange, blue will jazz up the look.

With box-shaped windows that are framed with a deep green hue, you get a very natural vibe to the home. The combination of red and green color comes from old homes where people used deep shades to make the place stand out from all the mud houses. Installing curvy grills will add to the vibe we are going for. Eclectic tastes are the most heartfelt and joyful. They bring warmth to the people who live in that place.

These were some of the inspirations and ideas which we picked out for you. If you want something more curated or wish to consult a professional then definitely do so.


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