How To Decorate Your Bangalore Home Cost Effectively?

The thought of designing your home can become a nightmare if you do not have the right group of people guiding you. Bangalore is one of the most contemporary cities in India. It is advanced and modern and so are the house designs there. When you find a good interior designer in Bangalore, you will find that they also have a sense of personal style and aesthetic of their own. With your personal taste and their sense of style, they can transform your home’s interior design.

Money is definitely a concerning element when planning the interior decor of a home. Well, we have the just the right tips for you if you are looking to renovate your home on a shoestring budget. Continue reading the awesome tricks mentioned below for more information!

Monochromatic color palette

The first and foremost thing needed for renovating a home is the wall painting selection. We all know paint can be slightly expensive. Therefore, talk to your designer about the budget and they will get you decent quality paint at a reasonable cost. You do not have to kill your dreams of colorful walls. Pick two or three shades which are complementing and let your designer do rest of the magic.

In monochrome shades, some of the best ways to make the walls stand out are by using monochrome texture designs. They always create a standing out impression.

Divide and design

Break down the larger areas with tons of sects. Divide those areas with dividers creating the illusion of larger space. Put artwork or curtains to make them stand out on their own. This strategy would go a long way to getting the perfect makeover for your home. This will be budget-friendly and also please the whole look on its own.

Work on the furniture layout

You might not believe it at first but just rearranging the furniture placement can change the way your home looks. The layout of furniture needs to be arranged in a manner that it makes the home look inclusive rather than scattered. Some changes like making the sofa place towards the direction of the television can go a long way in determining this change. Get a more open space to make the rooms look bigger and more spacious at the same time. Consult your designer for some innovative ideas. They will be able to assist you the best based on your personal requirements.

Classic plate walls

Mostly seen in high budget Bollywood films, plates on walls is a very elegant way to jazz up the look of your home decor. Just take out some old china from your crockery and put them on the living room walls with nails. This classic design is very popular. Well, if you are a Harry Potter fan then you might remember this from Professor Umbridge’s office wall as well. She has cat plates hung on her wall which looked absolutely stunning.

The best way is to set them up with different sizes. Look up some designs for inspiration. This hack absolutely costs nothing and makes so much difference to the whole look of the home.

Hopefully, these tips helped you decorate the home in a better manner.

Good Luck!


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