Paint Your Interior with Different Shades of Grey


Grey is the safest colour for home painting. This sophisticated colour instantly changes a room’s look. Gray neither looks loud nor disturbs a home’s look. But at the same time, it is the most misunderstood colour. Many think grey is boring and dull. But you can experiment with grey. The colour has many undertones. The interesting thing is if you are comfortable with dark shades then you can try this too with grey. The colour manages to stay elegant even in darker shades. The only concerned thing is you need the right paint contractor to experiment with grey. If applying in the right way, then grey can be your master colour. You need to know the different shades of grey.

Our paint company will suggest

Dark Grey

This is for those who like to go bold with grey. This rich colour is soothing and comfortable. Dark grey has cool undertones that look best with complementary colours. Create an elegant colour palette with gold and rich red. If your bedroom has big windows where light plays well then bold grey is the best pick for your home painting.

Warm Grey

This calming shade of grey looks stunning and creates a calming atmosphere. Warm grey looks striking with white. You can combine this with a deeper shade of grey and blue. Consult it with your paint contractor.

Blue Grey

If you want some excitement, something different from regular grey, then our home paint company suggests blue-grey. This cool colour has a teal undertone that is best for a bedroom. This cool colour makes your home painting calming and peaceful.

White Grey

This colour is for those who don’t like pure white. A tinge of grey can make a difference. It has an advantage, it’s best for dark rooms. If your room receives less light then white grey is perfect. White grey has the warmth that makes it even more attractive.

Black Grey

Like drama? Then choose black grey. The colour has less grey and more black. The colour has soft green undertones that fit well with your bedroom, dining and living room. As this is a dark colour you can use it as an accent. Keep other walls, soft and light. Ask your paint contractor how to use black grey in a perfect way.

Beige Grey

Grey shade list cannot be completed without gorgeous beige-grey. This colour is versatile as beige grey looks perfect in every space. Our home painting company recommends team up beige-grey with other warm colours. This also highlights your accessories.

Experiment your home painting with grey with the help of right paint contractor. Get any suggestion from our paint company.

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