Bathroom Designs That Kids Will Love

Kids are very innovative and learn very fast. Parents should be very careful when it comes to their kids. Teaching them the basic habits in public, in their own house or in the bathroom is very important. Therefore to teach them even the parents should be very innovative. Not only decorating the kids room in a way that should be unique and innovative is important but parents should also focus on the bathroom where the kids are most playful and show a different side of them. Bathroom is a place where most kids are reluctant to go but if the parents get it designed innovatively they would love to go there and also learn to keep things in an organized way. Interior designers at Cee Bee feel that kid’s bathrooms should be an inspiring and fun place for them to learn and grow. Therefore they have a few ideas which every parent should keep in mind while decorating the kid’s room.

Make it colourful: Kids love anything that is colourful. Do not go for simple and light coloured bathroom for kids. Instead go for vibrant colours in the backdrop that is going to be fun. Also you can paint vanity cabinetry, walls, wallpaper, and stencil playful sayings on the wall. Pay more attention if you are going for wallpapers as the moisture in the bathroom may cause them not to stick properly. Also ensure that the surfaces can be cleaned easily.

Lighting: Ensure that there is enough lighting in the room. If there is proper passage for natural light then it’s well and good or else you can also go for creative artificial lightings. Bathroom is a place where kids might get hurt very easily, therefore in order to ensure their safety you can go for overhead ambient lighting and even pendant lights over the vanity are bright and they don’t cast shadows.

Keep it organized: When you are decorating a kids bathroom always remember to place things in easy to find areas and that is within their reach. Sinks that are low in height, baskets for toiletries will help the kid to understand which things are kept where.


Go for a theme: While decorating a kid’s bathroom you should keep in mind what are your kids most fond of and then decorate the bathroom following that theme. Themes like sports and fun pass time activities; their favorite cartoon characters and favorite colours, anything that matches their taste.

Follow a budget: Don’t overspend while decorating you kids bathroom. Follow a certain budget and do consult an interior designer about the ideas that you have in mind. Follow themes but also keep it simple, don’t overdo things. Decorate the bathroom in such a way that can be updated with time.


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