How to Choose Right College for B.Sc in Interior Designing

Indian urban cities are going through a rapid transformation with real estate projects taking over major parts of the cities. The development of smart cities, offices and residential complexes even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are directly contributing to the growth of the interior design industry.

With the real estate sector projected to grow and reach a trillion market by 2030, we can surely expect the interior design industry to reach equal horizons.

Whether it’s residential luxury complexes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, institutions, studios or simple offices, interior designing has found its place everywhere.

With the reach of vastu and fengshui broadening further, people now want their houses and workplaces both to have positive vibes to ensure a positive outcome from their daily chores of life.

Naturally, the application and usage of interior designing have broadened over the years and now a formal education in the field is essential to ensure bright future career prospects.

interior designing

Here are some tips to choose the right interior designing colleges in Kolkata

A Degree College – There are many institutions that offer you an advanced diploma course module or certificate course module. If you truly want to dedicate your career to interior designing, it’s better to go for a degree course in interior design. Go for a college that provides you with a degree of B.Sc in interior designing.

The Extra Facilities – Interior designing is a lot about networking. In fact, it is essential for any business in today’s world. Not only should your talent on paper but also with words be apparent in order to thrive as a professional. One should always choose a college that would provide you with the best extra-curricular facilities which include soft skills and language learning opportunities. That way you would be able to achieve and explore your potentials more. Opportunities to collaborate with national and internationally reputed institutions are an added bonus.

A Design Studio – For interior designing, the right infrastructure is a must. While choosing a college, make sure it has a design studio for the students. Interior designing often requires big tables and floor space and such infrastructure should be there in the college you are choosing.

The Technical Infrastructure – Nowadays, even in interior designing one must have the technical expertise to express their designs to the clients through 3D technology. The college in that scenario must have an adequate technical infrastructure for the students.

Exhibitions, Seminars, and Workshops – A college that exposes you to more of these would be the ideal college for design. Seminars and workshops under industry experts would help you gain practical knowledge and business experience. Through exhibitions, students can display their designs. It will help in boosting their confidence in their designs.

The Portfolio – Getting an impressive portfolio is a must to start off your career. A portfolio is what describes is as a designer and also speaks in length about your potentials. Good interior designing colleges in Kolkata always help their students in getting their portfolio right. While selecting the right college for you, don’t forget to check if they will help you in getting the best portfolio for you.

Keep in check the standard interior design courses fees in Kolkata too while selecting the colleges so that you are not overcharged by anyone. Happy learning and designing!


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