How to Make Your Room Look bigger than It Actually Is


Not all of us have a big spacious room where all your necessities and furniture perfectly fit in. Small spaces can feel uncomfortable and really these rooms are difficult to design. When we house painting in Kolkata, we face many such problems. Suppose a bedroom, where the bed takes all the space, then it would be difficult to design the room. But not impossible, you just need to create an illusion. Our paints company in Kolkata gives you some tricks that help you to make your room look spacious.

Our paints company in Kolkata suggests

Light colours on the wall

Use light colours so that they will reflect the light. This makes the room look brighter and spacious. Dark colours absorb the light, so the room looks more compact. Ask our paints company in Kolkata to get any suggestion. For house painting in Kolkata call us.

Monochromatic Scheme

Paint your wall with the monochrome colour. This gives an illusion of space. Different or opposite colours on different walls make the room look smaller. A light hue entire the room makes all the difference. The monochromatic scheme makes your house painting in Kolkata looks amazing.

Paint The Ceiling

This is a trick to deliberately tricking the eye to look upwards. Our paints company in Kolkata recommends painting your ceiling with dark colour, it gives an illusion of height. This also makes your house painting in Kolkata looks amazing.

Space Saving Furniture

Confused about where to keep your furniture? Our paints company in Kolkata advises using space-saving furniture to give your room more space. Build-in storage bed or multi-purpose storage furniture can be a big solution to your small room problem. It looks nice and spacious.

Statement Furniture

Use a beautiful couch instead of small pieces of furniture in your small space. For your bedroom, it’s nice to use only a bed. This trick obviously saves your space and makes it look awesome.

Use Mirrors

Create an illusion with mirrors. It reflects light that creates a sense of big space. The rightly angled mirror creates a depth or height. It’s best to place a floor to ceiling mirror opposite your window. It perfectly reflects light and makes the room spacious. For any confusion call our paints company in Kolkata.

Colour Coordination

Decorate your room with grouping colours and make your house painting in Kolkata splendid. Like, match the colour of your pillow with wall accessories. This simple yet interesting coordination provides an easy flow.

Contact a home painting company in Kolkata for any queries. For efficient house painting in Kolkata contact efficient paint contractors. Get 123 Home Paints’ service in West Bengal and Delhi. Just dial our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.


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