In Which Industries You Can Get Placed As A Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designing is a gigantic part of this modern media and communication business. The entire portfolio of mass communication is dependent upon designing, editing and putting forward art content. Visual art is the primary medium of communication upon which various industries in this world are surviving. In fact, we as consumers are heavily dependent on the skills of designers in order to put forward our views and ideas.

The fancy emails and product advertisements which make us spend our heavy bucks are also the results of designers laying out their creative side. The main question which would arise in the mind of a student is what kind of jobs one can get after completing a graphic design course in Kolkata.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several industries in the sector of mass communication and media where one can find a job. They are all very heavily equipped to provide great paying jobs to aspiring individuals. In this article, we shall be discussing the various industries where you can work and get placed as a graphic designer after completing your training.

Media Houses

Media houses and production companies are always producing entertainment content. They require graphic designers for making posters, promotional content, banners and etc. These media production houses are the flag bearer of entertainment production. They push forward content for the entertainment of the audiences and their consumption. These include films, TV shows, video projects, web series and etc.

Media houses are one of the most booming businesses in today’s times of excessive media demand. People are adamant on watching new films, shows and more entertainment content each day. The continuous pumping out of content has created a considerable amount of buzz for the graphic designers to opt this career.


What industry comes to your mind when we talk about graphic content promotion? Obviously, it is an advertisement! Advertising is all about the creative potential of graphic designing professionals. Taking up courses in graphic designing would mean that you have a great opportunity of being in the advertising industry.

This can include both print and online advertising. Do you recall seeing those big banners and posters all upon the road signs? Those are all a result of designers putting in their creative effort. Then there is also online advertising about which we will discuss in the next section.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new ‘X’ factor business booming up. It is also one of those industries where graphic designers are heavily required. Designers create campaign designs, promotional posts, banners and etc for companies and their online advertisement. The designs have to be kind of strategic, to begin with. Digital Marketing is like the online advertisement industry but much evolved and demanding. People are constantly attached to their phones and laptops. And that is where advertisers are targeting their business to be. Therefore, you have the market of an unlimited population to showcase your talent with this industry.

Logo Designing

Logo Designing is more of a job portfolio than an industry in itself. However, it is an important piece of the puzzle. Logos are the brands’ identities and their soul. It is the crust of matter of what a brand represents and stands for. In the 21st century, new companies and websites and initiatives are popping up every single day. It is no longer a small thing.

Logo Designing is a skill in itself. Courses will definitely train you for these but it is wise to keep an eye out for the great sea of opportunities which surround the same.

IT/ Private firms

You know when they say that there is enough space for everyone in private, they actually mean it. These private firms are also companies who work towards selling their product or service across various audiences. Hence, designers are a crucial hire for these companies as well. You would be amazed by the great amount of scope that lies in these places for people with potential.

Colleges/Schools/ Educational institutions

Educational institutions are also one of those places where graphic designers are hired for carrying out PR (public relations), informative posts and announcements. Private schools and colleges are no less than business nowadays. They are not just confined with doing editorial promotions but go that extra length to post announcements, events and other things over the various social media handles.

Guess who takes care of that? Of course, it is the designer who is entitled to that responsibility.

Hence, it is pretty clear that there is no single area which you can target. After completing your graphic designing course, you shall have a bunch of opportunities from different industries for job prospects.

All the best!


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