How to Maintain Your Floor Carpet in Monsoon?

floor carpet

Monsoon means moist, dampness and humidity. This season makes difficult to maintain everything; clothes, furniture, fabric and even your luxurious carpet. Rugs play an important role in home decoration. But it’s really difficult to maintain the carpet during monsoon. It has to be vacuum cleaned every day.

Our painting contractors in Kolkata give you some tips to maintain your floor carpet

Do not open windows

Follow this during monsoon. Our painting contractors in Kolkata recommend you to close your windows so that water will not seep on the carpet. If it is not dried properly, then the carpets develop fungus. So if your carpet soaked too much water, then get it dry-cleaned. Even wet footwear can dampen your carpet. So make sure your fans are on and there has to be enough space of ventilation.

Avoid use carpet

It’s best to roll away your expensive carpet during monsoon. Make sure the carpet is covered with a plastic sheet so that it can be safe from moisture, leakage and damage.

Avoid heavy carpet

It’s a must no-no. Don’t use heavy carpet on monsoon. If it gets wet then the carpet takes days to dry and eventually develop a musty smell. So if you want to use carpet, then try light carpet that is easy to clean and need less maintenance.

Regular dusting

Our painting contractors in Kolkata always recommend dusting your carpet regularly. Dusting helps to maintain the carpet. It removes all dust and dirt.

Use solvent

Remove any spots from your carpet with the help of solvent. But before applying it on your rug test a small portion with that to make sure it doesn’t affect the colour.

Restoration cleaning

Our painting contractors in Kolkata always recommend steam cleaning process for the carpet during monsoon. Using hot water means better cleaning and it takes less time to dry. You can also use the hot water extraction technique. The technique needs a spray injection extraction machine and this is ideal for deep cleaning.

After the cleaning, you must keep the area ventilated for the circulation of fresh air. It also reduces the odor and dampness from the carpet.

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