🙏Traditional Interior Designing Ideas for your Puja Room🙏

“Prayer is not an act; it’s just a certain quality that you bring in to your life.”
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The Puja room is the most sacred and special corner of your home. It is the divine space where you forget all your worries. It is the destination for all family members to come together in unity for believing in faith and higher power.

In Hindu homes in India, Puja room is a must. For those who believe in mandir room Vastu Shastra, the room for praying should ideally be towards the north east direction of the home. In most homes, a separate room is created for puja, whereas in others a small corner or niche in a room is utilized to install a small puja mandir or cabinet.

These Puja room ideas are blended with creativity and innovation for your home. You will be able to feel the best version of your spiritual energy in these Puja rooms.

Temple Style Puja Room

This is a traditional Puja room design where the room looks like a mandir. You can color the doors of the room in copper color with traditional architecture for design. The temple look-alike Puja rooms look marvelous in Indian homes. This Puja season would be the best time for you take on this task and completely renovate the Puja area altogether. You can also hang a couple of lamps beside the God’s deity figure as well. These can be lighted with diyas while the prayer is going on.

For any help or assistance you can contact our Interior Design Company in Bangalore and we would be happy to help you set up an incredibly pious and serene Puja room for your home.

Use Metals to decorate the Puja room

Metals are a key element in Puja areas and rooms. Items like bells, plates, lamps and etc are the omnipresent feature in all Puja areas. Therefore, use colors with metal shades and textures to decorate the interiors of the room. Colors like copper, silver, brass, grey, gold and etc would blend perfectly with the whole room.

It would look tranquil and exert divine vibes. Also, according to various scriptures, a lot of people believe in painting their mandir rooms with colors of white and copper. To get better and more appropriate color selections, we would suggest that you contact an Interior designer in Bangalore who can help you with the whole Puja room decor. It would be done by professionals who have good knowledge of Vastu Shastra and professional experience with interior designing too.

Wall Mounted Puja areas

A retouch or traditional designs is becoming increasingly popular while decorating the Puja areas. You can get very creative with the back wall of the Puja room. The back wall in front of which you place your Gods and Goddesses can be very creative. There are some very minimalistic traditional designs which you can put. You can also use colored wall papers with sacred designs like “Om”, “Swastika” and many more.

The Puja space would look seamlessly effortless and uncluttered.

Shrine-like Puja Room

You definitely want your Puja room to be a relaxing and quite space which has very pure vibes. The moment someone enters that room, they should forget all their sorrows and be devoted to the good work of god. A shrine like setting would be perfect for that. You can paint the wall with colors like Yellow or gold and set up a white colored shrine in front of that where your deity will rest.

Marble flooring is great for bringing positive energy in the home. Add a couple of lights on the wall to make the room look brighter than other places in the home.

We can’t wait to hear from you about your thoughts on this. Do let us know if you have any queries or requirements; we would be blessed to help you!


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