Is it possible to paint your exterior wall during monsoon?

wall painting

The monsoon brings refreshment after a long and hot summer days. The drizzle brings freshness in the air. But monsoon is not suitable for homes. Moisture and damp can damage the walls of a house. In this weather, every house needs proper house painting services. But house painting in this season? Many have a question that is it possible to paint home during monsoon. The answer is yes, you can paint during the monsoon with some limitations.

The house painting contractors prefer not to paint outside the house during monsoon as there are humidity and moisture. But if you have urgency, then call expert paint contractors. They check some circumstances before painting the exterior.

Why is it difficult to paint in monsoon?

They check if the surface is wet. A wet surface cannot be painted. So they have to wait until it completely dries.

A rain-hit exterior wall takes at least 4 hours to dry completely under direct sunlight at least 72-degree Fahrenheit. Also, the hidden areas from sunlight like trims and moldings do not dry completely. So basically it takes a whole day to dry the wall.

The house painting contractors decide whether the temperature is right. Temperature and moisture work in unison. If the temperature is low then it takes long hours to dry.

Also, moisture affects adhesion that causes weak coating. So the paint can be peeled off. Paint needs a dry surface to adhere and if there is moisture present, then it will push the paint off the wall. There is a possibility of colour discolouration because of water seepage. You need good house painting services to take the challenge to paint your house during monsoon. The efficient house painting contractors use the right technique to speed up the drying time and complete the exterior painting job perfectly.

To deal with water-related problems, your house needs good quality paint and professional house painting services. If water seeps through the wall, it results in damp patches and peeling paint.

But if there is no urgency then it is always preferred by our house painting contractors not to paint the house in Monsoon.

Consult our house painting services for your exterior painting. Our expert house painting contractors can give your exterior a brilliant finish. Contact 123 Home Paints through our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514. We are at your service in West Bengal and Delhi.


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