PUJO-Most Awaited Time For BONGS!!!!

When we heard the word PUJO, a different kind of joy sparkles in the eyes of Bengalis. Durga pujo is the most awaited time for Bengalis. We keep postponing our plans for something for pujo- like Pujor somoye jaabo…pujor somoye kinbo…etc.

But in this modern and competitive life style, we have looted our real culture and heritage we are known for. So let’s live in our old times for few days during the biggest festival of Bengalis- DURGA PUJO by decorating our homes in such a way to feel our culture by not making our pockets hot!

Dhunuchi and Aalpona- Any pujo is incomplete without Dhunuchi and Aalpona. With the introduction of fancy room fresheners, dhunuchi somehow has lost its feel. But the fragrance has its own devoted feeling. Place some dunuchi in the entrance with beautiful designs of aalpona to make the ambience enlightened with the sensation of Pujo. Costing= Rs. 500/-

Kulo and Tokries- We all have seen our grandmother purifying the rice by using kulos. Have you ever thought to use it on the numb walls to make it speak about our culture. Draw some designs like- folk art, floral, figures ,the face of Durga maa or by using some old wools from our granny’s trunk and hang it on walls to feel the essence of our beautiful old days.
Cost- Approx Rs.500-600/-

Terracotta Pots- Decorating terracotta pots are the easiest and most affordable way to bring some colors in the room. Paint some pots with acrylics colors, make beautiful design on it and place it on any corner or inside a niches to make it the main attraction of the room. Can place some sindoor daani along with the pots to give it a traditional touch.
Cost- Approx Rs. 800/-

Folk art, Hand fan and bells- Lets highlight a wall of any room or a balcony with folk art along with some hanging bells to bring the charm in the ambience.Also can hang some old hand fans which will give a proper authentic bengali look. Cost approx- Rs. 1500/-

Lights- Lights play a great role in decoration. Without lights there is no glory in decoration. Can use some bamboo lights and rattan lights to maintain the look similar to the tradition and culture. Cost approx- Rs. 2000/-


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