How to Use Polka Dots Successfully to Your Wall Painting?

Colourful polka

Give your walls a striking touch with polka dots. No, it’s not only for clothes, try the polka styles on your walls and see the stylish transformation. Colorful and chic polka dots are very much in trend. You can use these dots in different designs in different rooms. Large or small, colorful or muted, bold or subtle; choose what you like that goes well with your home painting. Consult expert house painting contractors to know more about the use of polka dots.   

Let’s check out

Colorful Polkas

Use a certain group of colors and make the polkas colorful. Pick colors from your home accessories like cushions, furniture or curtain. To make it more stylish use the dots as photo frames. Hang photos on dots and gives your home painting a unique look.

Metallic Polkas

Give your home a metallic look. The golden polkas look sophisticated and the metallic look adds glamour to your home painting. Pair the polkas with a neutral or light color wall. Light color wall highlights the metallic look and gives a modern look.

Big Polkas

Create a statement with large polka dots. Paint your wall with contrasting colors and polka dots. Like red wall and white big polkas, that gives a fantastic look. You can experiment with big polkas in numerous ways. Ask your house painting contractors for proper guidance.

Tiny Polkas

Try small tiny dots for a contemporary look. This look works best in a minimalist home style. Contrasting colors look good on your wall. Consult house painting contractors for the color preference.

Tone-on-Tone Polkas

Want to make your home office look fashionable? Try tone-on-tone polkas. These neutral soft polkas give a calm yet interesting look.

Corner Polkas

Instead of the entire wall, design polkas in one part of the room. The idea is to take a corner and design the dots off closer together at the starting point and then space them out as the polkas approaching the ceiling. The design gives depth to your home painting.

Grouped Polkas

This type is great for a child’s room. Design polka dots in a playful way. Place the dots in a small and randomized manner. This creates small groups that attract kids. 

Want to know more about different types of polka dots? 123 Home Paints will help you. Our house painting contractors in West Bengal and Delhi give a hassle-free home painting service. Get us in touch through our Rong Numbers 8336979516/8336979514.        


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