Is it Expensive to learn B.Sc in Interior Designing?

Kolkata is going through a boom phase due to growing number of real estate projects across the city. The projects aren’t mere buildings, they are built keeping in mind the urban needs, preferences and prevalent global standards.

As a related industry, even interior designing is facing a huge growth and demand currently in the city of Kolkata. With Bengal’s economic growth, more and more interior designers are hired for residences, healthcare properties, restaurants, cafes, retail outlets and even office spaces.

The requirement and designing processes of each of these are different and even if you are skilled in decorating, you must understand the different requisites and necessities of various spaces. Also, most importantly, knowing the current trends of interior design is absolutely necessary to cater to the demands of the clients.

interior design courses fees

Interior design courses in this scenario help a student to learn about the industry in detail. A student during the period of the course gets to work in real conditions with industry experts, experiment with their various designs and also explore their full potential.

How a course in interior designing helps you?

1. Understand the architecture and structure of the building before planning a design.
2. Knowing the local culture well so that any design doesn’t offend the clients in any way.
3. Work according to the layout of the room. Learn the art of leaving some space in a room always.
4. Know the basics about Vaastu and Feng Shui. Some clients want their projects executed accordingly.
5. Accessories and lighting are to be selected and installed accordingly.
6. Access to ideal references and interaction with industry experts.
7. Learn to work as per the budget and preferences of the clients.

Also, if you choose to become an interior designer, you get to work in the following kind of housing –

1. Homes
2. Retail outlets
3. Office spaces
4. Exhibition halls
5. Hospitals
6. Restaurants, cafeteria and takeaways.
7. Jewellery stores.
8. Schools, colleges, universities
9. Hotels
10. Banks
11. Clubs and much more.

Professional designing always needs proper training and if you back it with a degree – There’s nothing that can stop you from aiming high.

interior design courses fees

Also a course in interior designing helps you to get a portfolio. It is this portfolio that helps you to impress your clients and get projects to work on easily.

An interior designer with an academic background also has the option of choosing either way in their career – They can work as professionals or choose to become an independent interior designer. Setting up an interior designing firm in fact requires very less capital and investment and can prove out to be a profitable start up venture for a creative individual.

You may have idolized a lot of interior designers till date. By any chance if you want to become one of them or simply want to be the best interior designer in Kolkata, enroll yourself in an interior designing course. You may have worries about the interior design courses fees in Kolkata. In that case we would say, the course fees should not worry you much as once your portfolio gets you work, you will be able to recover the course fees within a short span of time.

However, along with interior design courses fees, make sure you go through the course curriculum once too before taking admission in any college. In today’s era, a sustainable course on interior design would make you stand apart than any other normal intern design program.


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