7 Interior Designing Ideas Using Mirrors

“An interior is the reflection of your soul.”

– Coco Chanel

Mirrors can make a room appear larger than its actual size and that is the oldest trick in the books. But mirrors are capable of doing so much more than just that. They add the perfect decorative touch to any interior space. Interior Designing is enhanced to great magnitudes with mirrors.

Here are some top notch ideas which professionals in our interior design company in Hyderabad swear by.
Use Mirrors in Hallway


Mirrors can make a generic hallway entrance stylish. A well lit hallway with white wall paint and wooden flooring would look best with an oval shaped mirror that has some gold or silver brushed borders. These mirrors enhance the look of the hallway unknowingly. The entrance would have an impactful look of its own.

Geometric Mirror Pieces

While selecting mirrors for your interior decor, do not get restricted to just plain rectangular shaped mirror designs. There are a large number of geometric patterns one could go for while designing their dressing areas. These geometric shaped mirrors add a tinge of spunk and fun in the rooms.

There is a contemporary and modern vibe to these mirror patterns. A lot of interior designers in Hyderabad are using these trendy mirror designs for home decor projects. It makes one hell of a difference to have mirrors like these in the rooms.

Get a big one behind the furniture

If you have a small living area and want to make it look bigger then get a giant mirror to be placed behind the furniture sets. This trick is used by hair salons, beauty parlors and malls all the time. To prevent the places from looking small they use big mirrors for the illusion of a larger space. This is one of the oldest tricks in the books which people are missing out on.

These will amp the interior decor. In addition to that, a bit of shimmer is also added to the space by having a big mirror behind the sofa and other furniture pieces.

Mirrors as transferable windows

Mirrors reflect natural sunlight all around the room making it look brighter and obviously bigger. Movable windows do the job of windows and much more quite efficiently. This interior designing hack is perfect in ensuring that your rooms receive bountiful of light during all seasons.

And as we have said this a million times, brighter rooms come across as bigger and better looking than dark rooms.
Mirrors are must in dining hall

Placing an elegant mirror behind the dining table is a must. It adds character to the space and gives it greater girth. The area looks very glam and stylish with a poignant mirror in the backdrop of the dining table.

Consult an interior designer to select a mirror whose design and pattern suits he chandelier and dining table.

Always choose framed mirrors

Framed mirrors are the most commonly available mirrors in market these days. They are minimalistic, hip and very eye soothing. The most common frames are made of wood, metals like steel, brass, iron and etc. These framed designs look excellent in all kinds of home interior decor themes.

Depending upon your personal taste and choice of colors and materials, these mirrors can be chosen.

Mirror Gallery Wall

Gallery walls make for very sophisticated looks in homes. And a mirror gallery on top of that just accentuates the whole look holistically. A lot of fun combinations can be made with these mirror galleries. You can get mirrors with different funky shapes and sizes to take the fun up a notch. Some people get the same style of frame design in different shaped mirrors.


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