5 Lighting Ideas that Can Change the Looks of Your Interior

You might come to start thinking that this is some kind of over hyped analogy but interior lighting does accentuate the home space and makes it look elevated. Natural light is always a nice touch to the interiors but artificial sources of lighting can reach corners where daylight certainly cannot.

The accurate positioning and placement of these lights can do wonders for your interior design.
Here are some lighting ideas for your interior which our talented interior designers in Kolkata have come up with.


Layering the Lights

Approaching a layering pattern to your light settings with multiple light sources spread on various levels will generate the perfect regal look. It would add a sophisticated feature to your room. With the right interior lights in the rooms, you can make your home feel larger. It is a fact that low lighting makes a room look shrunk and smaller.

Interior designers

Low hung chandelier lights, pendant lighting for example, can create an illusion of height and an amalgamation of lights can give your rooms the cozy feel it deserves.

Get Accessories with some Personality

A good way to incorporate some fun lighting is through statement worthy accessories. Get a whimsical lamp or some unique contemporary styled accessory for you living area. These artifices, when lit up make the room look elegant and royal. Other than these, you can put up some bright cheerful lighting accessory in your dark bedroom.

cee bee

Lighting fixture is the easiest way to follow the trendy styles and jazz up your space with some lighting. Install pieces on the ceiling with multiple colourful lights in your kids’ rooms and kitchen to set your home apart. Well, you can have a home which is beautiful and smart. Interior designers in Bangalore are very appreciative of these trends and incorporate them in a lot of their projects.

Go for Task Lighting

Task Lighting or ‘functional’ lighting is a practical interior design technique where light is incorporated in areas where day-to-day tasks are carried out. Areas like dining table, study room and etc need specific lighting solutions for being functional.

These lights are functional in conjugation with the natural lighting sources. Task lighting is also useful in concentrating illumination over a specific area rather than a whole room. Let’s learn how to use task lighting effectively:

• Use bright table lamps next to the study area of your kids’ room.

• Place chandeliers in the centre of the living room so that the light is evenly spread throughout the space and there are no shadows cast over the furniture.

• Buy some affordable floor lamps for your rooms and hall area.

• Install recessed lights across the ceilings to switch the mood of your home instantly.

Soft Lighting brings Royalty to your Home

Image result for interior lighting cee bee design studio"

Contemporary interior home designs are highly dependent on soft lights. Warm colours like peach, beige, and gold are perfect for the soft lighting effect in your home. A touch of matte finish on these lights is perfect for creating the ambience you are aiming for. A great advantage of incorporating soft lighting is that it can blend with almost any style of interior decor. Whether you want to have traditional interior design or a modern contemporary look; these light settings can go with literally anything.

Mirror, Mirror on the Walls!

It is no new information that mirrors can take your home decor from zero to solid perfection. Mirrors make the room look larger than they actually are. Mirrors need to be placed across the windows so that light can reflect back and create the illusion of a bigger room.

Image result for interior lighting cee bee design studio"

To avoid your room from looking like a MAC showroom, you need to buy stylish mirrors of different patterns. These need to be adjusted and placed with perfect too. Get help from an interior designer for professional insight and help on the same.

We hope that these tips helped you understand the importance of good lighting in enhancing home interior decoration. If you have any query or doubts, then do reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you!


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