5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Wall Color

Walls reflect he character and soul of your home. The first thing anyone starts to decide while redesigning heir home is he wall paint. The first thought in an empty flat is always about the wall colors. It is undoubtedly the most poignant part of your home interior design.

Painting the walls with awesome colors and textures is one thing and maintaining them is another. So in this article, we will give you practical and assertive tips which would help maintain your wall colors.

Must Use Base Coat

Now you do not have to be a painting expert to know this but base coat is basically the foundation layer of painting. Interior designers always stress on the importance of base coat or popularly known as primer. Priming the walls allows the paint application to be even and smooth.

Image result for foundation layer of painting on wall

It prevents easy flaking or wearing of paint colors. Some people do skip on this step and then have to suffer the wrath of its consequences. You would see that without primer, the colors on the walls start looking dull in a month and within less than a year it would flake off.

Do Multiple Coats of Matte Paint

If you are a fan of that sleek matte finish then do not hesitate from doing multiple coats of the same. You do not have to stop at just two or three coats. Matte paints are different from velvety paints. Their finish is more subtle and does not look over layered easily. Your interior designer can help you understand it better.

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A professional home interior designer would understand your preferences and help your paint get its best finish possible. Since we are asking you to paint several coats, keep in mind that with velvet finish paints, adding too many coats can backfire.

Get Professional Help from Interior Designers

You have put your blood, sweat and tears in making this home look the way that it does. This means that you have put so much effort and investment in this home of yours. Do not leave it in the hands of half ass contractors. Get professional interior decorators o design and paint your home.

Image result for Multiple Coats of Matte Paint on wall

This way you would know that good quality items are put on your wall.

Get Good Quality Paint

The paint which you buy for your walls must be of good quality if you want it to last longer. It is an investment which is worth your money. Qualitative paint would go a long way in keeping your walls healthy and free of any flaking, dust accumulation and discoloration too.

Texture Paint is Different

If you are getting textures painted on your walls, then be aware of the fact that texture paint is different from the normal paint used to color the walls. This texture paint has greater pigment and does have sheen in itself.

Image result for Texture Paint on wall

Make sure you do talk about this with your designers just to double check.

These were some of the basic tips which can help your wall paint stay on for longer and make your home appear bright and cheerful. For any further queries, reach out to us and we will be happy to help you!


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