Some Space Saving Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Are you having troubles adjusting with the size of your bathroom? Is it not living up to its master bathroom reputation? Do not let the storage issue of your bathroom become a head scratching matter.

Our interior design company in Kolkata has chalked out some of the best space saving storage hacks for your bathroom area.

Installing the sink at the Corner

Sinks take up more space than you think. If the sink is installed right where you enter the bathroom then it is bound to eat up a lot of floor space which could have gone for vanity.

interior design company in Kolkata

A corner skin would leave a lot of floor space free and not make the bathroom look clustered. It is not just about illusion but instead a highly practical solution.

The corner sink shall be able to leave your bathroom floor and wall space much freer. The best interior designers in Kolkata speak very highly of this innovative and pragmatic solution for saving space in bathroom areas.

Wall Hangers for Items

Now you might be thinking why is this interior designer in Kolkata suggesting hangers on bathroom walls? Stick-on hangers for spray bottles, cleaners and soap dispensers can prevent all the clutter, mess and crowd that happen in the cabinets, on the sink side and behind the flush tank. Your bathroom would look ten times more efficient with these.

Wall Hangers

There would be no soap case mess and neither would there be any kind of cleaner and bottle clatter anywhere else in the bathroom.

Shower Rod Clips

Are you falling short of space in your cabinets for shampoo, conditioner of other toiletries? Well, there is an efficient storage solution for that as well. You can use shower rod clips on the shower rods to put up these toiletries and other essentials. This has a DIY charm o the entire bathroom decor.

interior designers in Kolkata
You can hire an interior design company in Kolkata to take care of the same with professional skills and more permanent solutions.

Over the Door Shelves

Putting up shelves in the under sink cabinet doors is an excellent idea. You would be able to save up so much space in the cabinets to keep the other excess items as well. The shelves would be a very handy instalment you make.

interior designers in Kolkata

It is budget friendly, inexpensive and very practical. It would prevent any kind of clutter or mess from happening inside the cabinets and also outside them.

If you want to practical solutions then reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you out!


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