5 Latest Trends in Home Exterior Painting

First impression is the last impression. People first notice your exterior. So the color and your exterior should look striking and attractive. Color can change the entire look of your house exterior. But not every color looks good on every home. So choose the color wisely. Consult with house painting contractors. Whether you are planning to paint your new house or renovating your home, always select color keeping in mind the latest trends. Call the best house painting services and give your home a new look.

Let’s check out some latest trends

Warm Shades of Yellow

Yellow is impressive and bright. This cheerful color is ideal for exterior walls. Warm yellow shades like mustard, amber and ochre add splendor to your home. Paint the entire wall or use the color as an accent, do whatever the house painting contractors suggest but yellow always looks beautiful.

123 home paints

Neutral with Bold Color Front Door

Neutral is soothing and beautiful and some people prefer this for their exterior. But what if you want to jazz up your exterior without changing your choice for neutral! Our house painting contractors suggest a bold color for your front door. A bold color front door gives your home a striking and unique look. Call our paint company and get the best home painting services.


White and Blue

What about this popular combination of white and blue! Paint the walls white and use blue as an accent, this looks really amazing. White gives freshness while blue adds depth. Together, both the colors give your home a fresh, clean and outstanding look. Get professional house painting services.


Bright Colors

Experiment with pop shades for a modern look. Like keep the entire wall neutral and use a pop of red in the center wall or somewhere where the color attracts attention. You can also paint all the walls with a bright color like yellow with orange. Have any confusion? Just call our house painting contractors for expert house painting services.


Terracotta and Gray

This combination gives your house an elegant look. Those who want to give their home earthy look, terracotta color is ideal for them. Gray is sophisticated and it complements terracotta. If your house has a lot of plants, then the earthiness comes together perfectly.

123 home paints

Our house painting contractors give your home exterior a striking look and make it stand out from others. For house painting services, dial 123 Home Paints’ Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514. Get our service in West Bengal and Delhi.


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