How to Master Graphic Designer Like a Pro? Must Know Hacks and Skills

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The essential skills needed to be a Graphic Designer are –

#1) Well-versed in verbal communication – Verbal communication is key to discuss and sell ideas to others. The greater is the ability to communicate and articulate the ideas, the better it is for the designer.

#2) Drawing and sketching to a certain degree – Drawing and sketching helps in communicating the ideas, visually. There’s an old saying: ‘Rough layouts sell an idea better than polished ones.’ All designs should really start on paper.

Sketching is a great method to render one’s imagination fast and bring out the initial ideas out of one’s mind to rule out anything which one considers may/may not work. Sketches can become a very important discussion point, as when there’s something visually aiding one’s idea, it becomes easier to talk about it with people and helps in making the communication process more engaging and interactive.

#3) The habit of researching and adapting to new trends, changes, information – Graphic designing is about ‘problem solving’ and coming up with new and exciting ideas. The best way to come up with such ideas is through research and expansion of knowledge. Often, one may be asked to tackle with a brief on a subject matter that he/she has no idea about. The more time is spent on researching, the more things are learnt and more inspiration is gained. This leads to more original ideas and one becomes automatically more interested in work.

4) Software skillset – Today, most of the designing work is done using softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffects, Corel Draw, etc. The more one is with these softwares, the better he/she can excel in graphic designing. Just learning how to use these softwares isn’t enough though. The art needs to be practised and perfected over time. This is the digital version of ‘drawing and sketching’ so yes, the basic idea of drawing and sketching to make one’s ideas come alive, still counts valid.

There’s always YouTube videos to take help from, for working on the software skill set.

Additionally, one may also opt-in for one of the online courses on software usage from sites like: Coursera, Udemy, edX, Nptel, etc. Anyone and everyone are welcome to opt-in for any of the courses on these portals for a nominal fee.

5) Time management- This is probably the most crucial and essential skill required by a graphic designer. Managing time and finding out time for managing the daily chores as well as graphic designing and other studies, is key to the entire process. Learning to adapt to various timelines induced by a plethora of circumstances, is the challenge here.

6) Paying close attention to details- Be it the integrity or success of the design, everything lies in the details. This is essential for not only graphic designing, but any skill or even, life for that matter. The more one observes, the more he/she learns and implements and beauty lies in the details.

All being said, now comes the million-dollar question of whether or not to take up a course on Graphic Designing. If you really want to make a career out of graphic designing, go ahead. There are many premier institutions offering degree courses in Graphic designing but first you must check their graphic design courses fees. Some degree courses are really industry-oriented but the graphic design courses fees are much affordable as compared to others.

Or else, you can also opt for one of the online short-term courses on Graphic designing. They offer you just the right amount of knowledge and skills along with a certificate and internship opportunities after the completion of the concerned short-term course.

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