What are the Different Types of Kitchen Designs for Interiors?

Are you planning to invest in a great kitchen makeover? Well, look no more because we are more than ready to help you get the kitchen layout of your dreams. In India, kitchens have a more holistic life inside them. If handed to the right interior designers then a kitchen of any size or space can be remodeled to be perfect.

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We have put together some of the most amazing and functional kitchen design ideas curated by some of the top interior design firms in Kolkata.

Traditional Type of Kitchen

A traditional kitchen has a character and feel of its own. A lot of focus is given on designing the arches and slabs as individualistic. It needs to have inspiration from the past or historical time frames. You can consider colorful patterns and silhouettes to decorate the tiles and cabinets.

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Traditional kitchen setups are universal. They go well with apartment kitchens as well as bungalow settings. Unlike other kitchen interiors, traditional decor is suitable for all types of home. Although, you should consult a professional home interior designer for personalized design assistance.

Open Kitchen

Open kitchens are more of a western concept. Contrary to popular belief anyone can style an open kitchen which would accommodate their practical needs as well as the aesthetic style.

An open kitchen does not have a partition in form of door or sliders. You would find that it is very much part of the living space. That is where the interior decor becomes trickier. You would have to decorate it in a manner that the transition from kitchen area to the room is subtle yet classy.

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Putting up a couple of contemporary chairs or stools alongside the slab is an excellent way to make it feel more homely. It can be a common space for breakfast or evening snacking.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is far more pragmatic and spacious than most of the layouts. It is in a G-shaped outlet. It uses less floor space whilst leaving enough room for cabinets and storage. It is very useful in segregating the space for eating, cooking and storage quite remarkably.

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The thing about decorating a peninsula kitchen is that you need to keep in mind the functionality of the kitchen as well. A peninsula kitchen is best if you want a contemporary looking home in total.

Cottage Cozy

Kitchens look best when decorated with a touch of coziness. It would give the kitchen that homely cottage feel. Well, you do not have to go all renaissances to make your kitchen space look like it has a cottage feel.

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The best way would be talk to an interior designer and let them put your vision into reality.

If you wish to know more or discuss and about these interiors then do reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you out!


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