Is There a High Demand for Fashion Designers?

fashion courses
 Fashion courses

The increase in population around the globe has obviously increased the demand for clothes too. As a result, the garment industry all over the world has seen a surge in demand. However, not everywhere they are making fresh garments. In many countries, large industries have been created out of second hand clothes that are either donated or given away by their users. These garments are then polished and given a new look for its next customer.

The fashion industry is also changing rapidly due to these overwhelming changes. And these changes are to be welcomed by us. Because the more we reduce our consumption of new clothes, the more we would be contributing to the good health of the environment.

Hence, the future doesn’t only need good fashion designers. But it also needs fashion designers who are believers in sustainability.


  1. Almost 10% of the global environmental pollution happens due to the textile industry.
  2. To create one pair of jeans and one t-shirt, we waste more than 20,000 litres of water!
  3. The industry is a home to millions of cases of labor exploitation wherein the wages are extremely minimal and laborers aren’t even provided with basic amenities

To come out of these issues, circular fashion is the only way to choose. Circular fashion i.e. reusing the old garment to create brand new dresses is a sustainable idea that would contribute phenomenally in decreasing the environment pollution.

And the next gen fashion designers are required to have the insight and knowledge to do the same.

Fashion courses until now were only about learning how to create amazing clothes. But now, it’s about learning how to create amazing clothes in a sustainable manner. Hence, one shouldn’t just go for a fashion course now in order to remain relevant in the future. One must go for a sustainable fashion course.

Out of the many fashion courses in Kolkata, iLEAD in association with ESEDS has started sustainable fashion course both at under-graduate and post-graduate level under the affiliation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT).

This course is solely dedicated to sustainability. In fact it is India’s one of the first sustainable design courses that is internationally recognized and is an ‘in-depth research oriented course with focus on sustainability’.

If you are someone who loves fashion, want to create some memorable dresses and fascinating designs, then keeping the needs of the future in mind, you must enroll into a sustainable fashion design course.

5 years from now, the industry will look for such sustainable fashion designers who will adopt the sustainability way instead of the fast fashion trends. Sustainability is the new mantra of every business, and if you are a designer who has idea, knowledge and experience about sustainable fashion, you will definitely be in demand as a designer.

Hence, choose wisely and go for one of the best fashion courses with focus on sustainability!


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