Do the Graphic Training Institutes in Kolkata Provide Placement Services?



graphic design institute in Kolkata

Graphic designing is one of the fastest growing fields of education in the multimedia sector. That has been one of the supreme reasons why so many students are jumping towards enrolling in any graphic design institute in Kolkata. The sole purpose of taking up a course is to ensure that you get placed by the end of it.

Placements are the only reason why so many students take up any course in the first place. It is quite natural for students to worry if they would get placed after finishing their course in graphic designing or not.

Best graphic design institute in Kolkata

The best graphic design institute in Kolkata by the standards of placements has to be George Animatrix. This institute has withstood the test of time and proved time and again that good education and quality placements can be provided at one place.

George Animatrix is the sister institution of the George Group of Colleges. For over hundred years, the George colleges have given student courses which have helped shape their career for the greater good.

This institute has given some of the most profound placement options to students making their dreams of being excellent graphic designers true.

Why Placements at George Animatrix so good?

  • 100% Placement Assistance to all students after successful completion of their courses.
  • Placement raining from the faculty prior to students appearing for the placements.
  • Top companies recruit from George Animatrix because of the great reputation this college has.
  • All students are placed with calls and interviews until and unless properly placed.
  • Best studios, MNCs and firms come to recruit from George Animatrix.

These are a couple of reasons why students should seriously consider choosing George Animatrix as their preferred college if they are serious about getting a good placement opportunity

Reach out to us for more details regarding the admission and other information. We would gladly help you out.



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