How to Create the Perfect Workspace at Home

As Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, more and more of us are now working from home, many for the first time. One of the first orders of business in this pandemic: setting up a work-from-home space that’s functional and comfortable.

Navy Blue and Baby Blue

Working away from your usual office space may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Productivity doesn’t need to be compromised just because you’re working away from the office. A good workspace can do wonders to give you a fresh perspective every morning and a new creative outlet to perform better.

Here are some genius ideas which will help you keep your work-from-home workspace stay top-notch and at the same time keep your productivity level high.

Designate a work space

If you have been jumping from the sofa to the basement office to the bed with your laptop, then that needs to stop right away. You have to designate a specific place to be your ideal workspace. Beds are a big no-no. A five minute break on a bed can easily turn into a full-blown nap in the middle of the day.

If you can, find a spot near a window. Natural light helps regulate circadian rhythms. You need pin point a place to be your workspace and that needs to not change. Our interior designers have noticed over the years that a lot of people prefer their study or basement for a work-from-home office.

Stay Connected

Make sure the WFH station you select has sufficient plug points, easy access to router and extension cord access. Connectivity is the key to a smooth WFH experience. Do not let that get hampered with minute cables.

Having one or two plug points will let you charge your phone and laptop from time to time. If the number of plug points is less in that area then get an extension cord instead. The Wi-Fi router must be within your reach incase the network stops working. It is however suggested that you use wireless means like dongle.

 If you are going to attend a lot of video calls then try out a mock session at the backdrop where you shall be working from. A plain and simple wall is preferred over something too clustered.

Make it look like an office desk

Your WFH desk must have a professional and productive vibe to it. You cannot start working on any randomly messy desk with food crumbs all over it. Wipe your desk clean and only keep the office essentials on it. Arrange the files and documents you shall be requiring neatly.

De-clutter your desk and keep it squeaky clean.

Keep a couple of notepads, memos and print out some schedules which you might need to follow. Avoid eating your lunch or snacking while working on that desk. Even if you do that in your office, at home your need to avoid mixing your workspace for a leisure space.

Add a pop of green

Though you should avoid distractions but a little touch with nature is not going to harm anyone. It also keeps your subconscious in touch with the nature and greenery outside. You can put up a fake plant pot beside the work desk. If you have actual pats at home or in your garden then you can bring in the small ones and keep it there as well.

If nurturing a plant seems like too much commitment then try bringing in succulents or cactus plants which require less than no effort for their sustenance. You can reach out to us if you are looking for an amazing interior decor structural plan. We can also help with professional assistance and designing solutions.


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