Ideas for Renovating a Country Style Home Decor

The way we see it, you do not have to live out in the country side in an aesthetic yard to reap the benefits of a rustic and idyllic classic structured home. We will take your love for farmstead houses and country style decor to the next level with these ideas.

We have jotted down some ideas suggested by our interior decorators in Bangalore who have decorated a lot of country style homes in the past. 

Country style homes have a natural and unobtrusive character which is ought to make your home feel like an escape from the din and bustle of the outside world.

Mismatching Furniture

Mismatched furniture is one of the key elements of a country styled home. When you are tossing around ideas for your country style home decor, bear in mind that your room should look natural. It must appear as if you have thrown together a bunch of furniture which is now working together in sync.

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 A room with a modern country design style should look like the furniture in it has been in your family for generations. Avoiding   new-looking stuff will allow you to perfect modern country-style interior design – shop around flea markets and thrift stores for character pieces. Mismatched knobs on kitchen installations can also add a fun, human touch when contemplating the concept of decorating the country kitchen.

Living Room Cosiness

Country style theme in the living area is more evident when compared with the bedroom. The fireplace area is traditionally illuminated by designers, who decorate the portal of the chimney with tiles or stonework as well as lumber containers, polished candlesticks or sheets or even a bamboo-framed landscape.

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You will need to talk to a good interior design company in Bangalore to get professional advice and consultation for decorating the living room. The style is pretty personal to everybody even with country style theme. Reach out to us and we will help you every step of the way.

Muted Color Palette is Best

Nature-inspired muted yellows, blues and greens, create a soft statement that inspires comfort in country style homes. Overlook the modern mid-century themed art work and go for classic elements with rounded edges and plush flooring instead.

These classic color palettes help bring out the raw and authentic nature of your home decor without messing up the actual vibe of your modern classic elements.

Add a lot of floral elements

Any classic country style home you see would have tons of floral elements in it. Make your home bloom with a hint of floral patterns, vases and art structures. Many country residences tend to burst into bloom — in the wall panels, in the dining room table mostly in china, in the interiors and obviously in the carpeting. The traditionally muted palette works best with romantic floral patterns and motifs.

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As we said earlier, country style homes can be designed in a million other ways based on your personal style and interior decoration preferences. We would request you reach out to us and we can help you with top notch professional guidance.


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