Every Graphics Designer Should Focus on these 7 Things

graphic designing in Kolkata
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Graphic designing is becoming an increasingly beneficial and popular course among the students. Becoming a graphics designer is an extremely profitable career choice which students can take. Once you have become a graphics designer, you can make all your dreams come true of creativity and following your passion.

If you are learning graphic designing in Kolkata, then you must know these seven things.

Knowing the trends

The rabbit hole of trends is very important to follow. In that trend section, you would find some of the best inspirations for your designs. You shall find that you are able to create the most interesting and defining designs for your clients.

Trends also increase engagement and create a larger audience for your work.

Mastering shortcuts

Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and etc does have a lot of shortcuts. These shortcuts save you time and also your precious effort. Make sure you learn these shortcuts by heart. It will prove to be very helpful in the longer run.

In case of Photoshop, most shortcuts are available on the keyboard itself. You have to memorize them in order to ensure that you can save your time while making multiple designs.

Be thick-skinned

Any professional graphic designer must be extremely thick-skinned. It is a part of your job. Clients will time and again ask you to make edits and revisions in your posts. You must not hesitate from doing so.

Do not take it personally on your work or skills. Just do as you are asked and it will be sufficient. Make sure that you are being extremely professional and taking the criticism as it comes.

Being thick-skinned will work in your favor to the extent that you cannot comprehend.


Teamwork is a necessary part of your job description. These are skills no one will teach you. You will have to master team working potential on your own. You must realize that you shall be working in collaboration with various other professionals to bring a vision to life.

Teamwork is a key player on the journey to success.

Ability to empathize

Empathy is the natural instinct which allows a person to understand someone else’s conveyed emotions. When you are a graphics designer, you have to understand what the client is trying to convey. They are the deciders and it is important that you impress them.

Thinking and understanding the concept from their point of view would really help you have a good understanding of the same.

Inspiration driven mind

Have a mindset which is always seeking inspiration from the seniors. Never stop learning and observing others’ art. This will keep you on your toes. You will be open to learning new things and saying inspired throughout the course of your career.

Being confident

Confidence is your biggest asset. This is not something which people can take away from you. You must stay inspired, focused and confident about your abilities.

Your confidence will be your biggest armor.


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