Top 5 Bedroom Design Ideas

Research has claimed that we spend at least a third of our entire lives in our bedrooms. No matter what your styling sanctuary is, your bedroom needs to have a calming impact on you and needs to be disassociated with the rest of the outside world. You want nothing less than perfection for your bedroom designing.

Your bedroom is your refuge from the chaotic daily grind, so why not make it warm and inviting with a little help from interior designers.

From traditional to cutting edge, our interior designers have chalked out some of the best interior designing plans for your bedroom’s decor.

Cliché Modern Bedroom

A modern bedroom design never fails to impress. If your taste is sleek and elegant then you are ought to love this setup. A modern bedroom look makes for a calming set-up which is ideal for getting a good night’s rest.

You need to pull off the look to make it appear polished and have notes of modern aesthetic. Get help from some professional interior designers in Bangalore to make your vision a reality. The interior should be filled with cozy accents which complement the bedding and pillows.

Modern bedroom designs go really well when punctuated with a minimalist rug on the floor. Textured benches, some statement nightstands are a must when you are trying to pull off a cliché modern bedroom decor.

Grey & Yellow Bedroom

One of the best color combinations for bedroom is grey and yellow. If you like the damp monochrome look (grey) with a pop color (yellow) to bring out some jazz then a grey and yellow bedroom could be the one for you.

Grey is a fantastic base for homely spaces and nearly any accent color will pair well with it. Yellow brings out a feeling of warmth and sunshine. You want your bedroom to highlight royalty but still seem personal. Stick to a few cushions and install a multitude defining furniture piece, and then maintain the rest of the room in subtle grey tones.

Fall-inspired Bedroom

While fall only lasts for three months, no reason why your bedroom cannot be the abode of your fall fantasy. Paint the walls chocolate brown and spread over fall foliage-inspired bedding. To add more character in the bedroom space you can put up a modern table lamp.

Add some fairy lights to set the ambience and a heavy chunky blanket at the end of your bed to give it a cozier vibe. Harvest a sense of warmth and personal aesthetic by hanging some wall art and paintings above the bed.

Master Bedroom Fireplace

In bedrooms, fireplaces are more of a welcome option. These had served mainly a functional function in the past: to keep the space warm. Today the fireplaces in the bedroom serve both a functional and aesthetic function. Whilst most households have heating, nothing could ever mimic a living flame’s passion and a warm atmosphere.

Contemporary fireplaces, linear or suburban can be installed at any height and have all the advantages of a conventional fireplace. They come in a wide variety of styles. You can mostly find them in gas and electric models. Some have fake logs such as other gas fireplaces, whereas others have flames rising from a plain or gravel-decked foundation.

Pastel Theme Bedroom

Pastel is the most aesthetic of all bedroom designs out there. It has a pop art feel throughout. First and foremost you need to paint bedroom walls with some pastel shades of pink, purple, green, peach, lilac or anything which suits your color taste.

It is better to consult a professional interior designer for that. They can help you pick the right colors and also help set up the bedroom design accordingly. Set up some lamps and dressing tables which are out of ordinary. They need to have hues of pastel shades. You can also add some aesthetic wall art to make the room feel a little more artsy.

If you require any kind of help in designing your home or would like to discuss some ideas then reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you out.


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