Fashion Designing Trends 2020

fashion designing course details
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What is fashion designing if not an evolving discipline? The fun, color and spunk associated with fashion designing are not going anywhere. Clothing and fashion are probably the most eye-gouging industry for people. People across all social backgrounds, demographics and aesthetic preferences are in some way or the other drawn towards the fashion industry.

2020 has been a rather dull year for fashion because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that has not stopped people from shopping online or even discovering the new trends in the industry.

Let’s check out some of the cool trends which are ruling the fashion industry in 2020.

Crochet Print and Material

A very non-subtle and chic look which has been ruling the magazine covers is crochet print. These designs have been ruling the look books of so many people. Crochet material has always been loved by people on so many accounts.

However, the trend of wearing spunk and out of the box material has been doing the rounds. People love to experiment with their looks and bring out fresh ideas. These ideas are helping them bring out a new fashion discovery.

Whether it is luxe brands like Dior, cult favorites like Lord Von Schmitt or even the plain Indian handicrafts; they have all crocheted prints available.

Plains are Back

The very basic plains are also back in trend. Some white plain Kurtis, white cotton tops and all are also ruling the ground for trendy clothing. These items of clothing are also among the most sold out items.

People are more interested in choosing the basics for their everyday wear. Plain cotton is comfort and style at the same time. White is sold out so much because people finally have relaxation form raveling and sweating excessively. This trend has majorly influenced the style statement of 2020.

Less is More

Now, this has been the mantra mostly for make-up and beauty regimens. However, people have finally started to use this mantra to show their clothing statements too. They are able to utilize fewer pieces with less work and create a more defining style statement.

For example instead of wearing a jacket and big hoop earrings along with bracelets; people are choosing to ditch the jacket and loosen the earrings with a watch instead of the bracelets. People have also started to ditch the shrug for that matter of fact.

If you are interested in fashion design and want to know more about fashion designing course details, the reach out to us. We will help you!


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