Use of UI and UX Design in Web Designing- A Layman’s Guide

UI and UX design
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UI and UX: These are two terms which are most commonly used in understanding website designing. What are the differences, similarities and purposes of their tasks? We shall find out more about that in this article.

When you are new to website designing, these technical terms might seem like some exotic foreign language. However, the website is the crux of any successful brand or service. In order to run any website, you will need professional translators aka website designers.

Good web design courses in Kolkata encapsulate these terminologies within their curriculum as a priority.

What exactly are UX and UI designs?

UI and UX design
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UI stands for “user interface design” whereas UX stands for “user experience design”. They are both equally important for website development.

User Experience (UX) — It is a major specialization within web design. It primarily deals with user behavior and feeling when using the site or app. UX design entertains many other sectors but analyses them from the view of the user.

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As the name would suggest; it is made primarily for the benefit of the users. Companies have to perfect UX on their website to get authentic traffic and generate good customer experience.

User Interface (UI) — It is a core specialization of website development which emphasizes on the ‘controls’ people use to interact with a website or app. This would include button displays and gesture controls.

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A user’s interactions with the website are largely determined by the options, buttons and gestures available on the platform. UI provides with the means to handle them efficiently.

A UI designer has to ensure that the interaction between the customer and the website pages is a seamless one.

What does a UX designer do in website development?

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• UX determines the overall experience and feel of the user’s ability to utilize a website page. User experience design, then, considers all the different elements that shape this experience.

• It utilizes the feedback and deciphers the most apprehensive digital trends in making a website user-friendly.

• The necessity of UX is o create efficient, relevant, and all-round pleasant browsing experiences for the user.

What does UI designer do in website development?

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• The design of UI is a complement to UX Design. UI designers focus on the contact level between the user and the product / device and seek to improvise the functionality in a user-friendly way, adding value to the website as a whole.

• UI design converts the strengths and technical assets of the brand to the layout of a website, ensuring continuity, coherence and aesthetic pleasure in design.

• The primary aim of UI design is to guide the user through visual elements for conceptualizing the interface of a product.

It’s all About creating an interesting time while browsing that doesn’t take too much thought on the user!

Differences in UX and UI designs

ux & ui
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One does need to understand that UI and UX do go hand-in-hand with one another. The whole process of web development is incomplete without the collaboration of two.

You must know that one can’t have one without the other. Having said that, you don’t have to possess UX design skills to be a UI designer, and it’s the same other way round.

UX and UI have very different roles with separate development goals for any website! A web development course would teach you both initially for sure. However, you would have the option to choose your desired field of specialty moving forward.


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