4 Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Of all the areas in your home, a bathroom renovation can really get on people’s nerves. It is so difficult to find the right kind of set up which would suit your bathroom style. That is where the importance of home interior designers comes into play.

Our home interior designers have stitched and put forth these five amazing bathroom designing ideas. Take inspiration from these ideas for your next renovation.

#1. Plain but not simple

Choosing a white marbled monochrome palette would give your bathroom an exceptionally plain look. This is classy, prestigious and looks absolutely stunning. Many experts of home interior design feel like choosing a plain white palette for the bathroom decor can really amp up the look of the bathroom.

It would be a monochrome plain palette bit not simple in any regard. It is going to be the most outstanding look you would be able to present for your bathroom.

#2. The Gray-wash Palette

Ashy grey and charcoal finish colors are also great to be used in bathroom designing. They can pair well with dark shades like deep blue or even with lighter shades like white and silver. It is all about matching the accents and synchronizing your bathroom decor in your preferred color choice.

The gray wash palette is better for bigger bathrooms. If you have partition or big bathtub then this palette is going to be amazing for your bathroom.

#3. Maximum use of Mirror

Mirrors in bathrooms are a great accessory which can really make or break the look of your bathroom. It is because of mirrors that your bathroom looks a little bigger than it actual size.

You can use lights like bulb patterns on the mirror borders to give it a more accentuated look. Using the mirror to its full capacity is going to help your bathroom look sleeker and classier.

#4. A purple showdown

Purple is the most royal of all colors. It brings a sense of elegance and royalty in any room. It helps bring a feeling of upper hand regality to the whole of bathroom space. Doing an overall purple makeover can really make your bathroom stand out.

It would give your bathroom a much needed quirky vibe as well. Talk to your home interior designer regarding the same and they would give you actual professional advice.

For professional consultation and home designing services, you can contact us at Cee Bee Design Studio and we shall help you.


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