Interior Design Trends that are in and Out in 2020

Interior Design
Interior Design

2020 has been a rocky ride for the designing industry so far. With the ongoing pandemic and stern lockdowns, a lot of predicted trends could not take off the way it was predicted for them too. But so far a lot of interior designers in Bangalore have noticed that many trends are able to make a comeback without many problems.

Let’s discuss some of the in and out trends which we have seen so far in 2020.

Bling got replaced by pastels

The bling and shiny theme which a lot of high-end apartments were choosing at the beginning of this year was replaced by pastel accents. The bling theme was no more relevant in the summer season.

People had shifted their alliance more towards the pastel-colored home decor ideas. The idea of minimalism seems to rule the hearts of people more this year. Pastels have a sense of character and authenticity which no other theme of home decor can ever bring.

Most interior design companies in Bangalore found that their clients demanded a more of a minimalistic look following some western trends. This was also featured in July 2020 Vogue Magazine.

A large section talked about the Goan pastel design theme and how people were heavily influenced by it.


Accessories were a big part of the designing culture back in the beginning of 2020. However, that is not the scene anymore. Accessories are not considered much of their ring bearer in most homes where they seek to follow trends. Accessories would always be an integral part of home designing but somehow they do not have a similar caliber of trend-setting aura. It has now become more about utility and less about how it might pull the whole look together or not.

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