How to Maximize Your Bedroom Space?

Bedroom Design

Every room of your house has the potential to increase its space and give more area for leisure. It can be as simple as de-cluttering and organizing or could be a bit messy as altering some furniture. We will get to all of them one by one. Although, there are a dozen ideas to DIY we always recommend you to get a professional interior designer. They know all the whereabouts of excellence. At CeeBee Design Studios; our interior design company in Hyderabad and everywhere else focuses on giving your rooms the most sophisticated and elegant makeover possible.

Here we have listed a couple of solid genius ideas to maximize bedroom space. If you have a tiny bedroom then all you need to do is put a little bit more effort to keep it organized.

Think of the space under your bed

Bed Space

If you have a box bed then think of the abundance of space you have within the room itself. And if it is not a box bed then the space beneath the beds is sufficient enough. You can store the out-of-season clothes, some old albums, and many other additional storage items in it. It will not only help you minimize the mess but also help you get those items at an arm’s length when you need it. A lot of families use this space for storing luggage bags and old books too.

Hanging lamp

Hanging Lamp Cee Bee

If you eliminate the bed from the picture, the other thing which eats up a lot of space is the bedside lamp table. Let’s look at it from a very minimalist point of view, putting up hanging lamps are not only more aesthetic but more practical too. You will not only save floor space but also get enhanced lighting in your bedroom. The professionals at CeeBee Design Studio will put their best foot forward to make your bedroom lit. There’s no rule which says that the source of lighting must be next to your bedside. If hanging lamps are what you want then that is what you must ask for.

Don’t compromise with windows

Windows are a great source of natural lighting which makes the room cozier. It provides good reading light, makes the room look spacious and gives a more homely feel. Many researchers have concluded that a bedroom with more windows appears more intimate to the people living in it. Adding blinds to them will give you the privacy you want.

Utilize the back of the door

Well, since we are short of space, it is only practical to use every inch of what we have. There is so much potential even in the most jam-packed bedrooms. The best part is that most of it would remain unseen when the door is open. You can install a few hanging pins to put towels, a couple of regular clothes, bags, belts and etc.

Shelves on bedroom walls

If you think about it, no space is more unused and underrated than the walls. Why not make them attractive and useful at the same time. You can put up a few racks and bingo! It is your new 12-inch long shelf adequate for books, lamps, pots, vases, showpieces, utensils, china and so much more. Your bedroom decoration just became ten times easier than what you might have contemplated earlier. You can replace this with large storage furniture.

Multifunctional furniture

Choose efficiency over useless leisure. Buy furniture that has more than one purpose. Get drawers with cabinets, closets with safe, shelves and hanging space. If you have space for a bookshelf then choose one which has more than just three sections. It will have a multipurpose serving angle. Even if you put a table then make sure it is one with little foot space where you can keep some stuff.

Well, you don’t need to worry about anything actually with the best CeeBee Design professionals ready to help you any second. Our team will deliver you the most qualitative results with your budget in mind. Feel free to contact us for ay query you might have. We will be more than happy to help you out.


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