Design Ideas for Small and Big Space Balcony

Balcony decor
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Balconies are an integral part of our home designing architecture these days. It bridges the perfect balance between the outside world and your abode. It is your window to the natural glimpse. Regardless of the size of your balcony, you can always come up with ideas to design it in a pleasing aesthetic.

All you need to have is a solid vision which can guide you through. If you talk to professional interior designers in Hyderabad then you would come to realize that the same kind of design can be utilized for both big and small balconies.

Let’s discuss some design ideas for small and big space balconies.

  1. Rustic and bright touch

If you want a retro vibe with a contemporary look and sleek surroundings, customize the balcony with a plywood subfloor, wooden floors, colorful deck with comfy seats and pot plants around it. Complement it with colorful cushions that suit the light scattering’s brightness.

You can add bright colored cushions and swings to ensure that the balcony is looking stunning.

  1. Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Decor- Easy On the Pocket

Balconies do not need to be constructed with exorbitant spaces. We have an ideal place for relaxing and unwinding, sipping on tea or holding a meeting with colleagues. You have to be confident in the ambience.

One way to do so is by building reclaimed balconies. As DIY projects, they are fun to work with, can be updated and shifted around if you want to alter the decor. Logs and tree stumps may be used as benches and chairs, rubber tires discarded covered as stools with fabric, plastic bottles reused as pots for planting. If the focus is recycling and reuse, there’s so much to work with.

  1. Pebble Garden

Install a small pebble garden with pots and plants. It would give your balcony a very aesthetic and breezy feel. Your balcony should be an abode of happiness and relaxation. It should look like an escape from the usual material world. It’s better to get an interior design company in Hyderabad to help you.

They would assist you get the most aesthetic re-decor for your small balcony space with this theme.

  1. Grass Curtain

Putting up a grass curtain gives your balcony a fresh appearance. Put up furniture with a pop of color like orange to make the balcony area appear prettier. The orange furniture adds a pop of color to keep things interesting.

The grass curtain is very universal. It can be added to a balcony of any size. Whether your home has a big balcony or just small enough for two chairs; grass curtains of all sizes can be put up.

To know more about balcony designs, reach out to us and our expert interior designers would help you.




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