What is the most popular interior design style in 2020?

Interior Design

2020 has been a makeshift year is revolutionizing the various different kinds of home interior designing styles. This year, in particular, has changed the way we style and decorate our home renovation. The whole plethora of interior design vibes has been restyled and re-shaped over the years.

This year, as much of a landmark it should have been got interrupted by the pandemic. However, that has also given some insight into the style trends which are to follow.

Appreciation for popping colors

A common thread which most interior decorators found in lavish homes and bungalows was their resonance with simplicity and monotonous colors. However, while more people stayed indoors, they have shifted towards a more pop color scheme. People have started appreciating colors and their blend into their homes.

This can be called a trend or more of a newer revelation. A lot of high-end flats and bungalow owners have approached interior designers after the pandemic asking them to renovate their homes with schemes of color palettes and themes.

Home interior design has come a long way in different parts of the world based on the taste and developmental status of a city. Cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa have all different accents of their own. Nowadays, we see that a lot of common design elements are merging creating unison in design trends. The mix and match of colors comes mostly from that only

Factors like textures, different local arts and fusions also influence the kind of interior design trends and patterns we select for our home.

In 2020, the fusion of various trends, popping colors and giving liberty to different styles to existing has ruled it so far. We can expect more grandeur and upscale changes next year when the pandemic is over.

If you want professional home designing ideas, solutions or consultation; reach out to us. We shall be more than happy to help you.


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