Best Techniques to Master in Graphic Designing

graphic designing
Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a skill which can be mastered only when done with sufficiently talented hands. You have to know how to master your skills and polish them to perfection if you are willing to build some rock-solid techniques. Graphic and web design courses in Kolkata often talk about the hacks which students should learn while they are in their training. It is going to help them have a better grip over their professional skills.

Let’s learn about the best techniques which you should be mastering in the realm of graphic designing.

Access to shortcuts

designing software
Designing Software

The designing software tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and etc are filled with shortcuts. As designers you need to have good knowledge for all of them.

It speeds up the designing process heavily. You would be able to have better grip over your designing in no time. Having access to shortcuts doesn’t necessarily mean that you crack some code. It is all a process of memorizing the various shortcut hacks. You can also create a separate excel sheet which you can use from time to time for reference purposes.

Here are some very cool Photoshop shortcuts which would speed up your designing process and give you ample time for creativity.

  • Free Transform – Control + T
  • Toggle between painting and erasing with the same brush – Hold down ` (grave accent)
  • Decrease Brush Size – [
  • Increase Brush Size – ]
  • Decrease Brush Hardness – {
  • Increase Brush Hardness – }
  • Rotate the brush tip by 1 degree – Left Arrow (anti-clockwise), Right Arrow (clockwise)
  • Rotate the brush tip by 15 degrees – Shift + Left Arrow (anti-clockwise), Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)
  • Default Foreground/Background colors – D
  • Switch Foreground/Background colors – X
  • Fit layer(s) to screen – Alt-click layer
  • New layer via copy – Control + J
  • New layer via cut – Shift + Control + J

Knowledge of latest tools

latest tools
Latest Tools

As engineering science takes on new leaps, there are going to be newer tools in the market everyday for graphic designing. Whether it is a kind of pen, tablet or any update in the software; there are always new updates coming. You must be always ready to work with these tools and bring forth the best potential.

Having good knowledge of the latest tools is really going to build in your resume and give you good leverage over the other designers.

Teamwork capability

Team Work
Team Work

You must learn how to function with a team. Graphic designers do not fly solo when they are in a company. They have to work in collaboration with the clients, other designers and even the various people who would approve their designs. It is important that they learn the importance of teamwork.

Understanding the value of teamwork is really going to help them emerge as successful designers by the end of their career.

These are some tips and techniques which are really going to help graphic designers achieve their top level skills base. With these skills they would be set for amplifying their career.

To get more graphic and web design course details, reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you!


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